​Seven tips for wedding photography

​Seven tips for wedding photography

Wedding photography is a very magical category, canvas prints in order to shoot wedding pictures and vivid, lively, enthusiastic, bold, can be clever conception, such as through the integrated use of choice, all kinds of lens from the Angle of detailed score, as well as to the detailed foil festival warm scene, record the beautiful memorable wedding ceremony.

1. Sufficient preparation at the early stage

In general wedding photography, it is recommended to carry a 17-55mm, 50 prime or 85 prime lens is more practical. At the same time, the wedding photography room is mostly a mixed light source, canvas photos online set the M A P mode, the light source can be quickly switched when changing, using a large aperture lens, can retain the atmosphere of the scene.

It's useful for most wedding photographers to have an ultra wide Angle for all the big shots. A medium zoom lens allows you to be more flexible and can be used near or far. I gave up using a 24-70 lens for the medium lens, large canvas prints because it doesn't work well for me in wedding shooting. I use a prime for the middle focal length, say 50mm. At the same time, when the wedding photography is indoors, it will often encounter the interweaving of different color temperature light sources. In order to ensure the accurate color temperature, a flash is necessary. When necessary, the flash should be used to match the color temperature of the scene to create an atmosphere.

2.Reasonable use of metering mode

People often like to use the point metering function of the camera, but I rarely use the point metering -- there is no time for you to metering first, focus and then compose, so I basically use the evaluation metering, and this requires experience to adjust the exposure compensation for the scene.

Of course, in scenes with complex lighting conditions, I will choose to use M file for shooting according to the situation -- consult the wattage of the spot tracking light beforehand, and adjust the exposure completely manually according to my experience as the position of the person and the light source changes.

3.instant snapshot power

The first element of being a good photographer is to capture photos. Unlike many photography modes such as wedding photos, wedding photos are almost all fleeting images. Many times you can't even tell the subject to "do it again". And in order to do that we have to have some predictability.

Seven tips for wedding photography

4.Beauty in backlight

It is well known that back lighting portraits can yield unexpected beauty. We can get a clear face when shooting along the light, but we can try to turn down to the other side. As for the exposure level can be determined according to the picture, this picture is actually the face of the unexposed photos, under the hazy you will find that in fact, the beauty is not only to show the details of the character's face, express the artistic conception after the unexposed film can be very interesting.

5.the happy detail performance

The most important trick to showing detail is accurate exposure. Like much photography, we should try not to overexpose the picture when shooting details, but sometimes we have to make some choices. For example, if the white gauze on the right side of the picture is not exposed, the real subject of the picture, the bride's wrist flower, may not get an accurate exposure. At the same time, we blurred out the surrounding background with a large aperture to highlight the details of the subject, and we got a comfortable picture.

6.foil the small scene of atmosphere

The thing that conveys wedding atmosphere has a lot of, besides bridegroom bride besides do not let go of other small scene: can be a bouquet to hold a bouquet of flowers, also can be a happy word, also can be a pair of tea to wait a moment. My tip for your readers is: don't let go of anything small that will impress you. Of course, objects are only one of them, and we can use other lenses to show all the characters that convey happiness -- the smiling faces of the bride's family, the joy of her friends, the naughty children, and the curiosity of the onlookers. You will find these pictures very interesting.

7.Combination of inspiration and creativity

Besides grasping the moment, we also need to shoot some creative things when the couple needs to shoot outdoor scenes. Some people often have a headache about how to get inspiration. In fact, inspiration and creativity come from the accumulation in daily life. When you accumulate something that has nothing to do with the wedding, and apply it to the wedding, creativity will be born. We can use all the techniques we can think of -- slow doors, creative flash, synth, custom photo aluminum print everything.

15th May 2019

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