Skill of take baby photos

Skill of take baby photos

Skill of take baby photos

(1) Light

We all know that the baby's eyeballs are still developing, and I think no parents would be willing to risk flashing their baby even if it's a jumping lamp. Natural light is absolutely baby the best choice, which is available by the window light, so if it is the day, some Suggestions push the baby went to the window and let in downy light outside the window.

(2) Understand the adjustment of the baby's sleep schedule/shooting Angle

Babies usually there will be a few hours in a day is a special waking or sleeping, this must be our good parents to capture the lens is a good time to recommend beginners parents use different perspective to capture their baby. After understanding the environment light, if the baby's eyes are open, so by adjust the Angle of camera and the baby, also can let the baby's eyes to produce light eyes, does the baby look more alive?

(3) Focus and shooting mode

Most of the time, be sure to focus on the eye when the baby is near you. New parents are advised to use Av mode without special needs. If the baby is facing you, open the aperture wide, blur the background or create a front shot, and focus the photo on the beautiful baby. However, if the baby is facing you slightly on the side, it is best to reduce the aperture by two or three steps as necessary to increase the depth of field so that the other side of the baby's face and eyes are not too blurred. If you're shooting a big photo shoot, make sure you zoom out so that all the characters are clear.

(4) Types of photos

A close-up of a baby's face must be a big part of the parents’ camera, but apart from the face, doesn’t forget that cute little hands and feet are also good subjects. If you can, be sure to take pictures of your baby drinking milk, bathing, and interacting with other family members. And in the time when many friends and relatives visit, please also be sure to leave a precious family photo.

Skill of take baby photos

(5) Composition of photos

"If you don't shoot well enough, it's because you're not close enough," says carpal. If you take a close-up of your baby today, it's best to approach the baby without blocking the light and allowing the camera to focus, so that he can be the only protagonist in the full picture. If a baby's body can lie sideways in the picture, it will be full of motion, compared to a baby who is straight in the picture.

(6) Prospect and background

In principle, the simpler the background, the better, white bed, solid color walls are good background. Sometimes can use white quilt at the right time, or the frame of crib as the front scatter scene, let integral picture have simple sense more.

(7) Use of accessories

Tired of taking hundreds of pictures of your baby? Buy colorful accessories to match your baby, whether it's a hat or a toy.

(8)Correct exposure

This is the author thinks very important point; the picture of the baby mostly wants to reveal the feeling of loveliness, innocence and hope, so most of the photos with bright tone present such an atmosphere. Because the camera the principle of photometry, if choose weighing type metering, when filled with white or light color object in the picture, the overall exposure will be lower than the naked eye can see, so please be sure to add exposure compensation (Eva). The author's habit is to add values ranging from +2/3~+1, and make adjustments after shooting. It's not a big deal if the background is slightly over-exposed or the baby's face is properly exposed, otherwise the picture will be dull. If the camera has a built-in highlight color preference (D+) function, it is also recommended to turn on the camera to make the highlights more detailed and reduce the occurrence of dead white.

(9)special late stage

Most of the photos were shot in Raw, with exposure and white balance adjusted and then output in Canon's built-in portrait mode. But occasionally we can also do some changes, such as this, we put the saturation and contrast to a minimum, raising and sharpness, exposure brings out a piece of soft Japanese wind is mother and son photo?

(10)I wish all new parents will be able to capture all their precious time in the first few months of life. A good photo doesn't have to be taken with a good camera, and a portable DC or cell phone can be a great tool. In my opinion, the most important trick to take good photos is to take more photos! Taking more pictures doesn't have to be a lot of good pictures. Just because we can never predict the cute baby next moment expressions and actions, so industrious help baby to record his course is necessary, and the process to pay, also will make memories of yourself and your family!

11th Jun 2018

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