Skills of take a photo with black background

Skills of take a photo with black background

Take a photo with black background

I found that people were interested in photos with a solid black background and a normal subject exposure. Today I would like to share with you how to take a normal main exposure, canvas prints background for the black picture, I hope to help you.

1. What theme is suitable for a pure black background?

Not all subjects are suitable for a pure black background, only some subjects are suitable for a pure black background. So I'm going to tell you a little bit about the themes that are appropriate for a black background, and you have to be careful when you're shooting a black background.

(1) The flowers,

If you go online and search for black background photos, most of them are of flowers, because flowers are really good for turning the background into pure black. There are two advantages to turning a flower photo into a black background. One is to remove clutter and make the background clean. Second, when shooting close-up of flowers, the black background can effectively highlight the main body.

(2) The macro

When we take pictures of tiny creatures, a slightly more complex background color or a darker color can affect the subject. At this point, we can change the background to pure black to highlight the beauty of the micro world.

Take a photo with black background

(3) Still life

Still life themes are also suitable for black backgrounds, such as fruits, ornaments, toys and so on. When you buy something online, you will find that many pictures of the products have black backgrounds, so that the audience's eyes can directly fall on the main body.

(4) As

Dark portrait should be the portrait theme that we often see. The advantage of dark portrait is that it can completely avoid the interference of the background, so as to effectively highlight the subject.

(5) Local close-up

When we take a local close-up, we want the subject to stand out and not be disturbed by other elements, so this is also a good time to treat the photo as a black background.

All of the above themes are very common to deal with black background theme, other themes are also suitable for dealing with black background, and here is not an example. Here's how to take a black background photo.

How to take a black background photo?

Look for dark backgrounds

When shooting, choose an environment with a large contrast between the main body and the background. The background should be dark, while the main body should be bright, preferably with direct light. Then, with a large aperture, the background is slightly blurred and the background looks black.

(2) With props

What if you can't find a good background? You can shoot with props. For example, when shooting flowers, you can find a piece of black cloth to put behind the flowers, so as to create a black background. Then point metering is used to measure the light of the main body, the metering part must be the brightest place of the object to be photographed, and the exposure compensation must be deducted about one gear when shooting, so that the background will become pure black due to insufficient exposure.

(3) Black background portrait

Shoot dark tone portrait does not have to choose pure black background to shoot, you can choose the material with good light absorption to serve as the background, for example: coarse cloth, rough wall and so on.

First of all, there should be a certain distance between the portrait and the background. The portrait should not be too close to the background, and the background will be illuminated if it is too close.

Dark gray walls are lit up, not "dark enough" when you have a certain distance between the portrait and the background, the light on the background is less; Because the portrait gets more light in front of it, and less light hits the background and the background darkens.

The background darkens and the face lightens

Secondly, learn to use side light, because side light is more in line with the needs of dark portrait shooting. In a side light environment, less light hits the background and the background becomes darker. In addition, large canvas prints side light irradiated on the face of a portrait can create a good effect of light and shadow, making the picture more dramatic.

4th Dec 2018

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