Take a landscape portrait

Take a landscape portrait

When we come across beautiful scenery, canvas prints we always want to take a group photo with it, so many people are bound to take a lot of tourist photos when they visit the scenic spot. However, it is not so simple to take good pictures of landscape portrait, so you need to master certain shooting skills. Today, I will share 6 photography skills of landscape portrait, and take you to take beautiful landscape portrait photos.

First, focus on the scene: choose a wide Angle, with people lining the scene

If we want to take a landscape portrait photo, cheap canvas prints online we can choose to take a picture with a wide Angle with a large Angle of view. We need extra said hang out here about how to choose the lens problems, go out on portability, if not the purpose is very strong, recommend carrying a camera, the lens cover wide Angle to telephoto best, don't need frequent replacement lens, also can at the same time meet the needs of the wide Angle and telephoto, such as the set of the nose of the 18-135 - mm, 18-200 - mm, 24-105 - mm and so on are good options.

We choose the wide Angle end of the zoom lens to shoot landscape portraits. First, the focus is to shoot the scene. The role of portrait is to focus, and human gesture has relatively little impact on the landscape. Second, panorama canvas wide-angle photos can have a larger perspective, so that more picture content can be included in the photo, making the scenery more magnificent.

At this time, the role of the portrait in the photo is the background, which can be the back, side face or other gestures, mainly used for the focus of the line of sight, so there is no need to give much consideration to the facial expressions and actions of the portrait.

Second, the emphasis on the person: choose the telephoto, compression space

The telephoto end is a good choice if we want to shoot people primarily. The telephoto end of the zoom lens is used to shoot landscape portrait. Firstly, the shallow depth of field brought by telephoto can make the background of portrait appropriately blurred. Second, shooting at the telephoto end can make the portrait subject occupy a larger picture proportion, which can zoom in and zoom out. Third, the telephone shooting can bring a sense of space compression, so that the limited photos can accommodate more scenery as the background. Of course, by using the telephoto end to shoot landscape portrait, we can also avoid the problem of other tourists into the lens, but also can use part of the foreground of the blur shade to create a sense of hierarchy.

Take a landscape portrait

Three, good at composition: performance scenery, prominent portrait

For landscape photos, the simplest and direct composition method is the three-part composition method, which can not only capture the rich sense of layers of photos, but also can simply and directly arrange the position of the subject, suitable for the performance of scenery and portrait portrait portrait photos to highlight the portrait.

We can arrange the portrait at the four intersections of the auxiliary lines of the three-way composition. It is better to reduce the proportion of the portrait in the picture, so that more scenery can be captured. If you want to focus more on the portrait, you can arrange the portrait on one of the two vertical lines, and then the direction of the line of sight or movement is the other 2/3 of the area, which is also a common way to arrange the scenery.

In addition, when shooting landscape portraits, it is recommended to choose a relatively open location for shooting. With a wide-angle zoom lens, for example, choose a higher plane to shoot the whole landscape from a high Angle, so as to obtain a wide perspective. When the scenery is in a higher position, such as the high mountains, cliffs, flowers on the hillside, etc., the camera can also be slightly raised at a lower position to shoot upward, so that more scenery content can be captured.

Four, make good use of foreground: guide line of sight, increase level

For landscape portrait photos, most of us will choose the wide-angle end with a small focal segment, because the shooting Angle is wide. However, when shooting portraits with wide angles, there will be obvious distortion, especially the upper, lower, left and right edges. Therefore, when we choose wide angles to shoot landscape portraits, we try to make the portrait biased to the middle area of the picture. The position of the portrait feet can be shielded with the help of some objects such as flowers and plants as the foreground, so as to avoid the distortion of the feet of the portrait directly.

In addition, the role of foreground in photographs is mainly as follows:

(1) Guide the eye: such as roads, Bridges, etc.;

(2) Increase the sense of hierarchy: by arranging the foreground, enrich the sense of hierarchy;

(3) Shielding: shielding disorderly areas and other places that affect the aesthetics;

(4) Blur: create a sense of dream.

When we take landscape portrait photos, we can guide the audience's eyes through roads or Bridges, so that the audience can pay attention to the main content (landscape or portrait) that we want to express. When there are only scenery and portraits in the photo, and the scenery is scenes like grassland, beach, flower sea, etc., the shooting Angle can be lowered, and the ground or flowers and plants can be used as foreground to enrich the layering sense of the photo. It's also a good idea to use the foreground to mask or blur out areas that are cluttered or unattractive.

Five, people move: dance jump, active atmosphere

Compared with the still scenery, portrait is the center of interest in the photos. Moving people will make the photos more vivid and interesting, such as dancing hands, jumping up and posing, etc. All of these can make the landscape portrait photos more vivid and interesting. If you don't want to move, you can consider taking a picture of your back, or even holding the picture with your hands. The gesture of a portrait will make the picture more dynamic.

Six, with the help of contrast: with small lining big, magnificent scene

Finally, it is through the way of contrast to shoot landscape portrait, people small to foil the scenery of the big, show the magnificent scenery.

For example, with the bridge deck as the foreground, aluminium mounting photographs we guide the eyes to the people in the distance, and then form a contrast with the distant scenery to highlight the grandeur of the scenery. At this time, the people are the focal point of the eyeball or the line of sight, mainly representing the scenery. I hope this article will be helpful to you and I look forward to sharing more tips and experiences with you.

14th Oct 2020

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