Take great portraits with your mobile phone

Take great portraits with your mobile phone

Now is the "mobile phone photography era", with more people, canvas prints there will be a good person to sum up experience. Below, is a few foreign mobile phone photography "big" summed up "mobile phone portrait photography" 10 techniques, for reference only!

1. Simplify the composition and highlight the subject

We are no stranger to minimalism. In fact, we can find that most excellent works follow the principle of minimalism, and shooting high-contrast portraits is no exception. First of all, cheap canvas prints australia you should make sure that there are no "redundant" elements in your scene, because these will distract the audience's attention from the subject, which is not good. To prevent this from happening, we should look around before we shoot to make sure there are no extraneous objects in the scene and avoid them immediately.

2. Find a good light

With limited exposure, the importance of light is self-evident. So, large canvas prints don't try to be brave and find a place with as much light as possible.

3. Find the right scene

I would suggest that you choose a suitable background first. Why is that? The background is very important when you are shooting a high-contrast portrait photo. The subject and background have to work together to create an amazing image. So what's the perfect background? Actually very simple, color whole is more even can. A great background, which can be very dark or very bright, ensures a high contrast between the subject and the background. So you have to choose carefully

4. Balance and harmony

Like music, photography is about harmony and balance. So make it sound like a song!


Eyes can convey feelings and ideas, of course, is the core of portrait photography

6, change perspective and Angle

Of course, a photographer has to climb down, stand up, lie down and even stand on his head. Changing the perspective of the unique picture will always attract enough attention.

Take great portraits with your mobile phone

7, props

Use small prop appropriately, it is ok to use local materials, it seems that the picture is extraordinary.

8. Shoot more photos

Once on site, you should take as many different photos as possible. Because usually the first shot, is not the most perfect, there are opportunities to produce more good work. So I suggest that when you get your first good shot, try another shot and take more.

9. Show the personality of the subject

This is hard! Many people, especially us Chinese, are reluctant to express individuality. If you meet a kid with a lot of personality, take a picture.

10.Personal style

This is the hardest one. What is style? Maybe just a little bit different. So, try some different shooting methods, boldly use those photo editing apps, create your own personal style that you especially like, acrylic prints online and then your mobile photography may become the object of others' imitation!

10th Sep 2019

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