Take moving scenery photograph

Take moving scenery photograph

Take moving scenery photograph

When digital photography became popular, it became easy to manipulate, like writing articles, who wouldn't? But, in my opinion, a good set of photos, like a good article, can speak. It can move people and make people who are sympathetic to it like it because it says something he can't say and touches a chord in his heart.

As for how to make a striking work, I think it may not be solved by technology or skill alone. More efforts should be spent to accumulate and improve myself beyond photography. Nevertheless, the conception and connotation of the picture must be reflected by the picture, so it is necessary to master some basic shooting skills. I have summarized ten basic experiences and hope to provide some reference and help to you.

Pay attention to details

Generally we all think that the so-called scenery big, certainly is the vision is broad, the scene atmosphere. Many beginners in scenery photography only focus on shooting large scenes, only focus on the full picture of things. The vast grassland is worth appreciating, but do you notice that a cypress tree at the foot of the mountain is also worth photographing? In particular, as a group picture shooting, generally should be large and small scenes.

Try to add characters and inject emotions into the photos

Some photographers believe that landscape photography can only be pure scenery, and they are always satisfied when there are no people or animals in the photo. In fact, the characters in the photo can balance the picture, enrich the composition, and in many cases, inject vitality and vitality into the whole picture, or leave readers with a rich space for imagination.

Three, must have the interest center point

Every photo needs focus, and landscape photography is no exception. Without focus, the photo will become empty and boring, and the viewer's gaze will be hard to find. A good photo must be interesting, engaging and relaying. In landscape photography, it is common practice to use golden section or well character composition. When the photographer places the subject on the golden section or well character intersection in the picture, more changes can be made to the picture, without making one side of the picture too heavy.

Respond flexibly to weather changes

In sunny day, the light is enough, picture color is rich, nature is very beautiful, but there are a lot of scenery photography people bring photo to nice day filming, will only go out in the sunny weather, but ignored on a rainy day, cloudy, foggy, the days of the wind can be taken as good landscape photos, lost a lot of splendid pictures from opportunities. The author thinks that the rainy weather can better reflect and express the atmosphere, he has many good films are cloudy shooting.

Luck is one of the elements in getting a good picture. Although I have been to the shooting place, the sun, clouds, people and animals passing by are different every day. I went there this time and happened to encounter beautiful scenery. I took good photos. Some professional landscape photographers will live near the shooting site for several days or even months, and carefully observe the effect of daily light, in order to find a better time to shoot, although people do not necessarily need to spend several months, but it is also good to take a few chances.

Take moving scenery photograph

Taken out a lot of friends, hope to be able to put all the landscape of the panoramic view, in such a hurry, probably just going back to a lot of photos of record, remember good photography is to use subtraction, we don't go reluctantly took all beauty, learn to choose, choose the necessary material to form your picture, avoid is greedy.

Pay attention to the role of shadows in the composition of the picture

In photography, light and shadow exist simultaneously. However, in our photography creation, we often tend to ignore the role of shadow in the whole photography, especially in landscape photography, even photographers deliberately avoid shadow in the shooting process. However, it is still an indispensable part of many excellent works. As long as the photographer correctly grasps the composition of light and shadow, he can get a good effect.

Pay attention to the cool color of light

Under the weak light, the sun came out after before or on the beautiful scenery of the tone is usually slants cold, most landscape photographers like to pursue the beauty of sunrise and sunset scene, and experienced landscape photographers often attention before sunrise, sunset, even late at night in the natural scenery, because under the weak light, the scenery is unusual and exciting, easy to create visual pleasure and surprise. I like clean, transparent, pure colors and the atmosphere of the picture very much. The cool color tone is sometimes more able to express the emotion when I shoot, and the picture will be more cold and clear, which is easier to penetrate into the deep heart of the reader.

The landscape photography of the big scene is charming, but it is not easy to present. Because the bigger the scene, the more elements are absorbed, the more difficult it is for beginners to grasp the expression of the overall feeling. Therefore, my suggestion to you is to consider the composition method of the front, middle and back scenes to show the sense of space and make the picture neat.

Observation and thinking

Photography is more than simply copying and recording. It can also express and express the world in the photographer's mind. Some people hold up their cameras as soon as they see the beauty in front of them. In this way, it's easy to miss the opportunity to shoot. Photography is a kind of activity that requires patience. When shooting, you should observe and think more, consider what kind of lens language to speak, and express your understanding of it.

11th Sep 2018

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