Take photos of lover

Take photos of lover

Take photos of lover

Love is beautiful, canvas prints online and every moment is worth saving and remembering. And modern science and technology developed can satisfy our desire, because a variety of cameras. Mobile phone, can record the moment with the lover. There are many wonderful moments in life need to record, in today's wedding photography, at the beginning of 80 at the end of the 90 young people gradually occupied the main groups of the shoot, pure and fresh, playful, pure beauty of fashionable elements also gradually become the main style of wedding photography. Wearing matching clothes is an expression of modern young people's love, photo on canvas especially when taking wedding photos; they often choose a couple to shoot. So how can you make a beautiful picture of a couple?

How to choose a couple?

Color collocation: the collocation of color is the most basic one of the couple collocation, also be the one that can cause visual resonance most easily. Of course, the photographer would suggest that the couple wear a lighter color matching outfit, so they don't take too much of the scenery behind them. So in general, the wedding photos of couples are dressed in pure white, light pink, light blue and so on.

Pattern matching: the matching of patterns is one of the major factors in the "out of place" of couples. The reason why they are called lovers is because they match the patterns. If the new couple doesn't want their wedding pictures to be the same, they can choose a group of similar but different plots.

Theme collocation: besides color and pattern these have type of factor, "theme" this kind of intangible element collocation is the highest realm. When two people are together, there is always something that you care about, and that is the theme of your love. For example, if you love his activity, he loves your vivacity, and then chooses the dynamic theme.

Shooting skills

Choose a lighter color: lighter color, better mirror effect! Purple and pink will look good! The collar looks good. Color words, adopt the contrast principle: if the background color is more complex, colorful, then choose black and white dress if the background is simple but elegant, can choose a visual impact effect of dress color (purple, red, peach, etc.) close to match type, two people don't have to be exactly the same color, also is a good choice.

Choose sweethearts outfit type: sweethearts outfit short sleeve T-shirt or some of the English letters must be pure cotton is simple and easy to wear more comfortable color can we choose Han Guojian to sweethearts outfit lapel polo shirt: may take a few more individualizing chain wear, small tie can also oh. Especially for girls with curly hair. It looks so sweet!

Good use line: extremely simple line often can foil the characteristic of dress person most, how to use simple line to emphasize oneself advantage, be extremely simple school a big knowledge. Exquisite clipping and high-grade fabrics is minimalist edge, it can reflect the level and quality of wedding dress is very good, make the bride in stand out in the crowd, is suitable for the bride, independent personality and bride and groom to wear a simple stock will goes.

Take photos of lover

Use bright color props: outdoor wedding photos sweethearts outfit photograph, a few small props can help make the couple put the Pose more comfortable, especially for lack of experience, can effectively improve the natural expression, at the same time can also auxiliary role, especially the color gorgeous props, can let the picture becomes more abundant.

Avoid messy hair: not only do you have to pay attention to your body and face, but also your clothes and hair. Especially when the outside scene, the hairstyle is easy to be blown by the wind, messy hair is very difficult to photograph good effect. So the studio's stylist often do some Hepburn head for the bride, crop on location, if stylist technology in place, also can choose shawls hair style to the bride, but will use hairspray, wig, such as increasing the fastness of hairstyle, and does not destroy the natural effect of hair at the same time.

Sweet smile: real photos, unlike xinmi, play the part of "cool" is not the right thing to do, and the expression apathy and want to go to beautiful is very difficult, the state of the smile is the best, innocent and lively natural smile, is the most attractive. It is suggested that new people practice smiling properly two weeks before filming. You know, it's hard to keep a sunny smile on the day you take a picture. Of course, if you meet a talented photographer, you can relax a lot. They often use words to infect you and try to make you laugh.

Exterior posture or charm or lively: if the bride in the location selected mini wedding dress, there are sitting Pose, it is important to pay special attention to the legs of the posture, proper posture can avoid the "wardrobe malfunction", also can stretch body, appear more slender. Leaning on your feet is an effective way to make your body look more solid. If the two legs still have the feeling of high and low fall is more enchanting, this also is to take a picture of the wedding photo of the wedding dress of the unique way.

Slightly sideways show curve: to show the beautiful shape, acrylic glass prints australia advice on many new people put side of pose, especially the bride, because the female body beauty in turn slightly when the body more easily, if pure is facing the camera, is too stiff, such as registration according to the general. How many angles does it need in order to turn? Do not pay attention; the photographer will help you control it.

8th Apr 2018

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