Take photos of scenery and still life mobile photography by mobile phone

Take photos of scenery and still life mobile photography by mobile phone

Take photos of scenery and still life mobile photography by mobile phone

Scenery Photography

(1) the sunset

Mentioned the concept of "soft", before the sun sets is the first time in my mind about jumping out of the image, especially in cloudy season, and the clouds are shading into different colors, from time to time be embroidered with gold, and sometimes be painted light purple powder, it seems every day of the setting sun is different, but the same wonderful, is a good time to shoot.

To accentuate the glow, use a cold filter to better reflect the light coming out of the clouds. When shooting, the exposure compensation can be reduced, so that the color saturation of the picture increases, so that the picture will present more bright colors, and the layers will be richer. Under the backlighting shooting sunset, the light is bigger, very suitable for shooting silhouette effect of the picture, this style of performance not only can increase the aesthetic feeling of the picture, you can also create a sunset quiet atmosphere. If the photo is too gray, the exposure compensation can be appropriately reduced, so that the silhouette is in a pure black tone, and the color of the image can be adjusted to make it more intense.

(2) rainy day

On a rainy day, can choose the illuminated at night, when the light through the glass of water vapor and water droplets present a hazy beauty, glittering and translucent raindrops can shading into a painting. This method is quite similar to the method of photographing details. By taking advantage of the advantages of cellphone microfocus, the hazy city scene can be captured through the water drops on the window to make the picture more interesting. You can also use the Windows to take photos, looking for places where raindrops are falling, and pointing out the light sources outside the Windows, such as street lamps, building lights, etc.

The joy of shooting on rainy days is not felt in other weather. Because the ground of rain is wet by rain, if it is marble ground, can appear apparent reflection, lens is opposite the ground that reflects light to also be good choice. If the ground is not very smooth, a small puddle will do. Change the Angle, turn the world upside down, show different rain scene.


In mobile photography, a large part of the works are taken to capture the road and architectural lines. The extension of the road makes the plane three-dimensional, and the picture also has the sense of story and artistic conception. Not only are the roads and buildings, but the lines of the trees are also the objects I often take pictures of.

I have always loved the trees in the north winter. The winter trees are full of life and desire. Use compact composition, let the tree occupy the whole picture, also very visual impact!

(4) the window

The view from the window is very much like a painting, which breaks the conventional picture and forms the effect of the painting. This makes the picture more layered and interesting. Not only a real window, but also the window in your hand, the camera viewfinder.

Flow shooting panorama

Panorama has a certain function of "white space", which can endow the picture with more profound artistic conception. It should be noted that the proportions of characters are relatively small when photographing large scenes. The space environment should be "clean", and the colors and elements should be unified as much as possible, so as to highlight the main body.

Take photos of scenery and still life mobile photography by mobile phone

Still Life Photography

1) color

Most mobile phones do not have large aperture, which can make the picture get a prominent subject through the virtualization. The picture obtained by mobile phone photography is usually relatively flat and realistic. Color is a direct eye - catching factor. A single color can be captured in a photo, or small objects of the same color system can be matched together. Such images are concise, unified and visually striking. We can also take nine photos with the same color as the theme and show them in the "nine palace grid", which is also interesting.

(2) place

Still life photography can actually animate the image by putting it at different angles. At the same time, through the different placement of square matrix, can also better show the characteristics of still life, sometimes can also show the mood of the photographer. Can be put together neatly, also can create intentionally "put at will" the feeling. It all depends on what you're photographing and what you're conveying.

(3) light

Light lurks in every corner of life, is good at capturing the life of that ray, increase the contrast of light and dark, can make the picture more layer sense and temperature.

(4) macro

The phone can use its zoom function to shoot close to the picture, showing the texture of the subject. For example, this dragonfly under the sun, the grain of transparent wings is clearly visible, and the flowers on the back are blurred into color blocks, which not only have the sense of the front and rear view, but also create a fantastic atmosphere.

Finally I want to talk to the people nagging and mobile phone can help us anywhere, but also not phones without thinking to press the shutter, before this, it is better to think, composition, light, color, such as mechanical blindly, mobile phone will only be a lot more useless waste. Remember to shoot at any time but not at any time! Think positively, cherish the shutter, take the idea to shoot, can use the mobile phone to take a better picture.

5th Jul 2018

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