​Taking advantage of the equipment to take the flower photograph

​Taking advantage of the equipment to take the flower photograph

First, focal length

Although there is no ready-made 18-55, canvas prints the E PZ 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OSS lens on the nex-5r can also be regarded as a "dog head" battle. Before the introduction, you need to think about the question, what is a good photo? Believe that there are a thousand hamlets in a thousand eyes. Here I quote from the New York photography tutorial: a good photograph should have a clear theme, a clear subject, and a simple picture. Achieving the above will count as success! Let's start the class now and get to know the focal point in your hand. The 18mm end belongs to the wide-angle end, and more picture information will come into the field of vision under this focal segment, while the 55mm end is relatively long, with less information in the picture. When taking pictures of flowers on trees, considering the three elements of a good photo, we can try to use the 35mm-55mm focal section.

Second, the distance of closest focus

There are a lot of shadow friends pick up the camera will be on the flower for a while, but found that sometimes the camera is not focused, online canvas printing australia or the photos are fuzzy, think their camera is wrong. You're missing a key factor: the closest focus distance. The camera has a limited range of focus, and if the focus distance is too short, nothing will focus. The closest focus distance refers to the distance from the object you are photographing to the camera's imaging CMOS, which we can easily think of as "your flower is too close to the lens". This is also a common mistake beginners make, always feel that they are not "big" enough. What to do? Dear, what you take is 18-55 ah, zoom it to 55 end is ok, if you still feel not satisfied, can buy close lens this kind of auxiliary filter, change lens focus distance, let you get closer to the flower.

Third, background blur

This may be a problem that many shadow friends really care about. The standard aperture of 18-55mm is basically f3.5-5.6. It can be said that it is not large. Before we answer this question, we need to clarify a train of thought. floating frames australia Is it true that background blurring can only be achieved by a large aperture? The answer is no. The so-called background blurring is actually a feature of lens imaging, while the soft out-of-focus is actually the diffusion circle after imaging. We won't explain much about the principle here, but the solution must tell you that there are several key points to get a blurred background:

1. The longer the focus segment, the better;

2. Distance the subject from the background as far as possible;

3. The lens is as close to the subject as possible;

4. Keep your aperture wide. Now you see aperture is really just one of the factors that affects background blur. Match the two key words mentioned above and combine with what you just learned. If you choose the focal length of 55mm or so, focus the distance in the nearest corner, and the background of the flower is clean, you can also take a blurring photo with the dog's head! Take a look at the picture below.

Taking advantage of the equipment to take the flower photograph

Fourth, metering

Metering is also a problem rookie players often encounter, sometimes the photos dark, and sometimes the photos bright. This time or the formula is the best to use, remember "white plus black minus" can solve 80% of the problem. It is recommended to use "central focus average" when shooting. If the color of the flower you shoot is lighter, add exposure compensation, so that you can get a small fresh feeling. If the color of the flower is dark, reduce the exposure compensation appropriately. Of course, photography is by no means the only method; learning to use the 20% of the situation can also help us to take good photos. Once again, the three elements of good photography, using light and shadow can also achieve the effect we want.

In such a photo, acrylic mounting online small make up the use of point metering, metering location is white flowers, in the case of a darker background color, the high-speed shutter will press the dark background to leave a light theme, virtually also played a role in "background blurring".

6th Dec 2019

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