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​The child's growth log


The child's growth log

Today children how abundance of life, from walking in the street can be seen that workers will take care of daily life, academic promise our careful arrangement, the after school activities better than adults if they constantly upgrade themselves, 6 access to each big stores and theme parks, in the long holiday, can go out to travel more, life is really super freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese. Speaking, how much longing for a new generation of Y2K. But what's interesting is, why do the pictures of those kids always lack a sense of happiness?

Happiness outside convenience stores

Taichung tour this year, I in the mountains of a convenience store on an affair of a typical four simple family in rest, 7 year old son, daughter, 4 years old, they drive from Taipei to come over to play, when the mountains fall with micro rain, the temperature cold, they sat outside the chair table eating some Jane, I also sat eating convenience store near the kanto cook, during the period of their enthusiasm for I made a table milk tea, and is sent to my son, really very touched. At that time, his daughter with a tiny digital camera clever to shoot for mother, mother put smiles to say: "to do a little mother beautiful ~" daughter nodded softly replied: "know ~". It was a picture of happiness, although I didn't take pictures of them, but the love of their family was clearly printed in my mind.

The child's growth log art

Don't blindly pursue equipment

A lot of people in order to take good photos, do not hesitate to buy expensive equipment, but encountered a question: "I have bought a professional camera (5 d Mark II), there is no doubt than before is easy to shoot photos, painting quality beauty, but still could not take a luckily jianzhang, feeling." A good photograph, the content is the place of the soul, the second is how to use the light, the Angle of photograph and composition to create beautiful visual effect. Filming for the child, I think that the use of natural light is the most appropriate, in the home, the most commonly encountered is the problem of insufficient light, because the construction of Hong Kong, the window is always designed to be quite small, the size of light can enter indoor is quite narrow and Shaanxi, therefore, shoot is the best solution in near the window, you will find the window light that warm feeling, with children naive face very match. In addition, select local film is also a good narrative, for example, children are first companies on boy stretched out his hand to get something on the surface of the table, you can choose only shoot children stretch heel on seed enterprises, strengthen the distortions caused by Lenovo space, let a person easily produce a great sweet feeling.

The child's growth log

Create a moving phase

Looked at his friends by a single mother, shooting into the sky children, this is a very wonderful process, once upon a time freedom, her child is her all today. As a mother, you are growing up while you are growing up. A lot of times, when a parent holds a camera, it sends out an instruction: "smile." It is clear that parents want to keep track of their children's happy faces, but their true happiness is never the result of a "laughing" instruction. Actually a child's growth anecdotes, daily life details, like fun expression, interaction with family, is the most beautiful and moving, as long as the patient make the proper guidance, viewed from the side or can capture the exquisite and moving moments. Story through photos record the growth of children, at the same time, through the photos to record their love for children, only through the interaction of love, to make good family photos.