​The effect of light on scenery photography

The effect of light on scenery photography

Photography alone is impossible without light. The art of photography is the art of light and shadow. As we all know, the scenery of scenery and other things like other things, have the light of illuminate, can produce the light and dark level, line and tonal. The sun's rays are a variety of things that can produce a variety of effects on the scene. It is sometimes strong and sometimes weak, and it varies with seasons and climates, and the landscape is affected by its different changes. Therefore, when we take the scene, we should first understand the influence of the source of each light and the intensity of the light, so that we can use it well to fully express the light effect of the scenery. The success of the photo shoot has a lot to do with the proper use of light. Therefore, to be familiar with all the changes in the scenery is a key question to photograph scenery photos.

1. The effect of positive light on the scene

Using the front light to photograph the scene can make the scenery clear and bright and bright atmosphere. However, the positive light is too flat on the scene, and there is a lack of light and shade, which can confuse the tone of the subject and the background, and lack the stereo effect of the object.

The effect of light on scenery photography

2. The effect of side light on scenery

Use the side light to photograph the scene, because the light deviates the scenery, the scenery nature can produce the shadow, the line that shows the light and dark, make the scenery has the stereo feeling. Scenery have stereo feeling, solid background color easy to confuse each other, but the side light shooting scene, attention should be paid to the depth of the dark color high, determine the light time as part of dark, but the best in neutral gray, for metering tone, make the level of the scenery, dark part can fully displayed, enriched the picture level. Side light is the most capable of the light of a few basic lights, the light of line, also be the day lighting that is most suitable to photograph scenery photograph.

3. The effect of negative light on scenery

Light irradiation scenery, the scenery is part of the light, can produce light and therefore can make the outline of the object and the object has obvious light line between, will not make the subject and the background blend with each other into a deep black tone. Because the light that is caused by the backlight causes the body to separate from the background, this is the characteristic that is unique to the backlight.

The backlight is from the back of the scene, and the objects we are shooting are necessarily dark parts without direct light exposure, so it is not easy to show the light and dark layers and lines of the scene. But the backlight shines on the back of everything, and if the object is not far from the object, it will reflect the light. The image of the backlight tends to affect the photographer's vision because of the light's outline and the light in front of the lens. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the exposure time by the dark part of the scene and the neutral gray to show the level of the scene. In addition, the light under the irradiation of the flat on his back, the surface of the water, and all objects, nature will produce a strong white reflects light, in order to avoid this part with other objects and tonal contrast is too big, in order to use downy light shooting more appropriate.

4. The effect of high light on the scenery

When the sun rises above the earth, it is the high light. High light is the strongest time of the day, so the light is strong and the shadow is deep. Also highlights is vertical irradiation down from the sky light, in addition to dark level of performance from top to bottom, and can't show the simple sense of objects, this light is not an ideal light source for shooting scene, not filmed scene when necessary, should try to avoid using.

5. The effect of scattered light, low light and reflective

In addition to the above introduction of positive light, side light, backlight and high light four basic light types, it is also sometimes required to shoot scenes in the scattered light. The scattered light does not have direct sunlight, and in this light, everything that is photographed must have no light or dark line, and no shadows. Therefore, we do not use the light to change the subject and background tone. The shooting scenery can only show the dull object image and the gloomy atmosphere, which cannot produce the bright and dark layers and the beauty of the lines. Therefore, sometimes need to shooting scene scattering of light by the weather, it is only as far as possible, narrowing the scope of scenery and adopt relatively close to middle or local scene, only a little clear effect can be obtained.

When the sun came out, or will fall, is the most soft light, low light day due to the light from a low Angle direct illuminate scenery, can also be used in different ways and get positive light, side light or backlight and so the effect of light. Therefore, the use of low light to photograph scenery photos can not only obtain extremely soft effects, but also abound changes. But low light belongs to the red component of the spectrum, the color that shows comes yellow, orange, have tonal meeting to have certain influence to the scene. So take advantage of low light shooting scene, first of all should pay attention to the light effect on the scenery is tonal, and then decide whether or not suitable for using the color filter film, make the low light colored light not scenery original color.

The effect of light on scenery photography 1

The reflected light is indirect light, is lower than that of the direct light is more soft, but it can only be reflection effect to the dark part of the objects in the scene, because there is a limit to the scope of the reflected, so it can remove auxiliary outside dark part of the performance of the object itself is not a big role (plus polarizer).

The light has a direct impact on the level, line, tone and atmosphere of the scene and whether the scenery can perform well in the photos depends on the use of light. Therefore, we must understand the effect of each kind of light on the scenery, to obtain the ideal effect. We can only observe the natural change and influence of various kinds of light in the scene, which can help us to understand the effect of light.

4th Dec 2017

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