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​The emotional expression of color in photography


The emotional expression of color in photography

Color difference has an emotional impact on photo readers

Colors affect people's emotions, and color symbols are obvious to individuals in coordinating events, objects and space. For example, black, some people think that black represents strength, which reminds them of strong racing cars. Others say that black makes him sad and connected to death, funerals and traffic accidents. Therefore, the emotions associated with a particular color are highly dependent on individual preferences and past experience. In cross-cultural studies, we see changes in color relationships because of cultural differences.

In photography, color is an important tool for emotional communication with the audience. The color of warm color in color photograph annulus, bright color can make a person produce positive emotion, and cold color area, dark color can produce gloomy, sad mood. Of course this is just the general case. As the photos in this page is also taken the location of the church, the third picture use the technique of underexposure, black build an eerie feeling, chapter 2 photos of Notre Dame DE Paris, under the blue sky white clouds, church appears towering spectacular, peaceful holy atmosphere. While the first photo shoots the church at night, the special color temperature creates a kind of mysterious atmosphere, which can be filled with mystery and curiosity.

Color differences in national culture

The psychological reaction to color will help us to hide the culture that we have been exposed to for years. Many of the reactions to color are based on geography, history and religion. In some cases, the differences between cultures can be very large. In photography, it is important to grasp the color expression of different cultures and make the works full of unique cultural connotations.

The emotional expression of color in photography

In the color of western aesthetics, white occupies the important position, it represents the divine, pure, many magnificent buildings are built by white marble, and western-style wedding in the bride's wedding dress is white, in the first photo below of the cathedral and a church in the second photo in white dome, a very good interpretation of the color in western culture on behalf of the application, with distinctive cultural traits.

The only small amount of color in the picture

Solving the relationship between colors is the center of color composition. Color can be divided into many levels, and the color relationship is complicated with the increase of the level, and simplifies with the reduction of the level. The relationship between different levels can be considered as the foreground, subject color, ornament color, etc.

But sometimes, a photographer can use to capture only color to achieve the ideal effect, such as this page in the first photo, the girl dressed in red, curled up in a white chest, high-profile white screen background rendering, at this point, the character clothing ACTS as the ornament color here. Ornament color is the color of small area must be high in color degree, lightness, take the few bright colors that strengthen color power, and change in unity.

Different ornament color has different effect. The dichromatic color is more expressive than other colors, which can get a strong response from the audience. Yellow can produce visual impact in a photo because it is the brightest color in all colors. Blue can also be impressive, especially when it's in a lighter background. If you want to impress the audience with the most profound color impression, red must be the first choice. A small piece of red in the picture can make it jump out of the picture. In the second picture of this page, the old man, looking out of window, in a red sweater, brings the whole picture to the spot and immediately catches the viewer's eye.

The emotional expression of color in photography4

Full and bright color combination

Hue ring provides a variety of methods of combination of bright color, in the picture is most vibrant hue ring farthest to each other in the combination of three kinds of color, when any three of the farthest color combination appears in the picture, the photo will have full bright color, thus weakening the composition, and other photographic language expressive force, color pictures to become the most dynamic visual language, among them, the art three primary colors in the color wheel is the most typical example, of course, this kind of match colors shows the vitality of the lighting and the background, the influence of environmental light, color brightness, purity, decides the color photos of the final expression.