​The three most basic elements of composition make the subject stand out

​The three most basic elements of composition make the subject stand out

The three most basic elements of composition make the subject stand out

Of composition, the basis of our most familiar three points may be law and the golden, but any kind of technique can't simply use the rules of the surface to be constrained, actually the composition, the composition of the main purpose is to create a way to boot, and then through the guidance of this way to attract viewers, let viewers can follow the guide the way that you create to read your photography works, so as to know your intentions and want to express the content of the work. Today we're going to talk about some of the more subtle but effective ways to compose a picture.


The main purpose of juxtaposition is contrast, creating a strong contrast effect by creating two distinct contents placed next to each other. And this contrast can be a variety of performance, can be the form of the contrast, can be the content of the contrast, can be the color of the contrast, can be the theme of the contrast, or even the emotional contrast.

The three most basic elements of composition make the subject stand out

Strong contrast in the picture often forms a very strong attraction, which will actively attract viewers to interpret the two contrasts. When looking for the contrast content, we should have a clear understanding of the theme we want to shoot, and know which content can form the contrast, such as new and old, black and white, tradition and modern, nature and artificial, which can be the natural contrast theme.


Layering simply means creating visual depth through the principle of perspective, and creating visual differences by making good use of the relationship and distance between foreground, middle ground and background in the space. In creating depth of insight, to select good lens focal length, the close shot, the picture background is far, as far as possible use telephoto lens, telephoto lens creates a form of "space compression" visual error, and make us feel pulled into the background, why can have this effect, I in the content of the long talk many times, there is no longer here. If you use a wide-angle lens, it will make the background look farther away, which may lose the significance of stratification to some extent. When creating layered content, the foreground can be either a body or a frame, as in the figure below, the foreground is a box.

Spot color

Spot color refers to a prominent spot color in a broad picture, which may be a girl in a red swimsuit on a boundless beach, or a warm ladybug on an emerald green leaf. In a word, it is a color that can be attracted at a glance in a broad scene.

Through this article, we know the composition of a picture is not only to put the position of the object in the scene, the change of color and contrast, as well as the depth of the three-dimensional structure can influence the composition of a picture, the next go out take pictures, need to remember to find some unexpected scene, use the composition of the basic skills and get the perfect picture!

14th Jan 2019

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