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​Three focus of shooting perfect wedding photos


Three focus of shooting perfect wedding photos

What are the three major focuses of wedding photos? To their wedding photos taken good that there must be a good scenery, good photographer, and pose, but that is the objective factor is the most main see themselves and the degree of the landscape, with the photographer.

Wedding photo shoot focus one: expression

1, Imaging yourself to be the most beautiful people, don't worry about your appearance not good-looking, must be relaxed, full of confidence.

2, a smile is the most photogenic expression, but the best in the photos don't laugh, lest eye week fine lines clear, lost his carriage.

3, tighten the chin, present a grace posture to face, eyes slightly see from down to up, that will be more intense, more eyes.

4, through their own way to let chin come to a point, can be simple a bit young mouth, ears, some people move when you lift the ear, chin also pointed out.

Wedding photo shoot focus two: Angle

1, the head slightly upward, nose looks can appear smaller. Your nose at slightly better than the camera position, can make the face look more beautiful, and to reduce eye shadow.

2, natural stand up straight, straight back, long legs, hips will naturally come out, face with a twinkle in her eyes.

Three focus of shooting perfect wedding photos

3, the body can be slightly forward, as a result, facial vision will be more have stereo feeling, the whole face area is relatively narrow.

4, cheek is 45 degrees or 65 degrees micro side as far as possible, so face look smaller, contour is more obvious.

5, if you don't know their most beautiful side, then let your camera, don't bother much in perspective, to make a change a point of view, must have a is good.

Wedding photo shoot focus three: eyes

1, in the eyes reveal feelings, can make the photo appear to be full of deep feeling. Even if just a POSE, also asks you to imagine is listen to the lover complained, with a smile your eyes don't two people in the eye when there is no god.

2, we in the face of the camera, eyes always involuntarily become stiff. Try to forget the existence of the camera, showing the most natural look in the eyes can let your photos look more immersive.

3, strong light can make facial cast shadows, narrowed his eyes, try to communicate with the photographer, in cloudy day shoot on location, light and effect will be more beautiful.

4, often practice posing in front of the mirror, can master yourself over time is the most beautiful eyes.

As long as to master the above picture taken three key, you can easily have satisfactory wedding photos.