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​Three tips to help you capture the perfect moment


Three tips to help you capture the perfect moment

As a photographer, we always pursue to take can make a strong resonance in viewer moment, to do this, the good composition, color, excellent photography technology and equipment is important. More importantly than the above elements, your work needs to be able to tell the story. In underwater photography, understanding the behavior habits of the subject can help you accomplish this crucial point. For those that can be used underwater photography telling the story of the photographers, the viewer's doubt is the highest praise, "what did he just snapped pictures of such severe?" What is certain is that if a piece of work can surprise the viewer, it must have taken advantage of biological behavior to capture the perfect moment. So how do you use these habits to make the shots? Underwater photographer Serge offers three Suggestions.

Know your subject

If you're scuba diving enough, you'll be blessed with a special moment. But if you're familiar with your subject, you will get more chances of being accurate and capturing a good moment. Some of the key behaviors of Marine life are patterns, such as mating, spawning, foraging, egg protecting, incubation, etc.

So you need to know where you have to shoot biological life, live on what foods, when and where they will mate, lay eggs, where and how long does it take to lay eggs, etc., including whether it clean habit, if any, is what kind of creature for its clean, clean stand in where? These problems should be taken in your water before you know from various sources, and then according to these information to work out a project, and select the appropriate lens and equipment.

Three tips to help you capture the perfect moment

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When you look at fish or other animals, their behavior and habits often look random. So it's important to watch before you shoot. Watch the creatures you're photographing, and list the males, the creatures that are courting, and the creatures that love to clean... They are always chasing a pattern of behavior that you can take advantage of. Learn how to shot in all you have to place to wait for sea creatures come back, this is not just to help you find a good shooting Angle, and help you set up your own camera and lighting, in the best position for you. This is significantly better than swimming behind the fish and then leaving it to luck.

Become invisible

In underwater photography, you always want as much as possible close to the subject, and capture the behavior of focus is to let them in their comfort zone, if you are from too close they will stop there was supposed to do. So the key is to be invisible, but not literally. In other words, let the sea creatures tolerate your interruptions, and if you do well enough, they can even ignore you and make you invisible.

First, you have to choose the right subject, and if you have a few options, always choose the best one, or look the least shy. If you want the garden eel to turn a blind eye to you, you have to choose a one that will not escape until you get there.

Then you can start by looking at and feeling slowly close to it, good control of neutral buoyancy, slowly moving, keep breathing slow and steady, if you can, try to just spit out the tiny bubbles, and have been watching the subject, you must stop once it's started to change behavior, such as garden eels stop feeding show to retreat. This is how you need to be more careful with your breathing, move slower, and may even need to go back a little bit. Once your subjects resume normal action, you can start slowly approaching again. In this cycle, you will find that you are closer to the subject than expected, and that it is maintaining a more relaxed state. Take 5-20 minutes and you will be rewarded with precious lenses.

To me, these three points is very useful, but also need to remind a bit, finally when you to shoot, don't forget to observe the surrounding environment. Even if you make a near-perfect plan to capture a certain kind of creature, there will be an accident. So keep watching, and the more you know about biological behavior, the more opportunities you will get.