To find inspiration for shooting

To find inspiration for shooting

To find inspiration for shooting

Photography, like other skills, depends on continuous practice to improve your level, canvas prints but one of the major problems we often encounter is that after taking a period of time, you will feel that everything has been taken, and then the shots are just photographed. You have to go out of the comfort zone you are best at, and guide yourself to pursue your creativity

1.Add emotion to your work

Emotion is the soul of a good photo, cheap canvas prints both in the eyes of the viewer and the viewer. You need to guide your subject during your shoot to let them show their true feelings, making them feel more at ease than photographers who just press the shutter button and don't talk.

Most clients are not professional models. They don't control their facial expressions and movements. If you only guide them to pose, it may be counterproductive. A mature photographer should guide clients to express their feelings during communication. Only the real ones are the most beautiful.

2. Try motion blur

There are many ways to blur motion, and you can capture the subject moving or shifting your camera. The easiest way to achieve motion blur is to slow down the shutter speed and make the subject move. If the shot is good, it will add some interesting art elements to the work.

3. Shoot macro

Traditional macro photography has always been associated with flowers and small insects. Resist the urge to rush into the garden to find small ants to take pictures.

4. Looking for reflection

Use a mirror or water surface to find your subject and create a creative image.

5.Try defocusing

Sometimes, intentionally or not, the out-of-focus images can be beautiful, but not all of them are good (in fact, most of them are wrong). Be careful about composition and emotional expression.

6.Hugs aren't perfect

Perfection is hard to find, but beauty is everywhere. What we need more is to find beauty from imperfection, find order from disorder, and find eternity from fragments. We live in the real world, and we need to use our eyes to find beautiful moments from the daily grind.

7. Double exposure

For film players, reexposure is not new. As the name implies, reexposure is repeated twice on a negative to get two overlapping images. If the idea is clever, you can get very amazing works.

8. Binary images

The binary image is to place two works side by side, but it is not a simple random puzzle. Instead, it is to place two related works together, which complement each other as context and can tell a complete story. When the selected image forms a double image, attention should be paid to the consistency of light, color and exposure, and more importantly, the unity of details and the whole.

9. Triple images

As with binary images, it is easier to tell a story with one more photo, but pay attention to the sequence and direction of the images. Sometimes different sequences may bring different views to the viewer.

10.Shoot through objects

Sometimes the foreground places some small objects, such as leaves, and the focus is on the perspective. At this time, the perspective is completely out of focus, which can create a hazy framework for the perspective theme and add some cool artistic effects to your work.

To find inspiration for shooting

11.Try different perspectives

The next time you find yourself still shooting the same subject the same way, take a step back and rethink your strategy. If you're used to eye level, try waist level. If you're used to horizontal, try vertical. Different perspectives will allow you to see your work in different ways, and you'll be able to find out what works for you in practice.

12.Highlight a color

We are in a beautiful and colorful world. Don't be afraid of bold and bright colors when taking photos outside. Sometimes a prominent color will highlight the theme more easily. But don't use the post-production effect where you just keep one color and everything else is black and white, and to be honest, it's really low.

13. Shooting black and white

Contrary to the previous one, the challenge is to take black and white images. Of course, if you use a digital camera, you can convert the works into black and white later, or you can set the camera to take black and white images directly. The most important thing about shooting black and white is to look for contrast and the use of gray.

14. Shooting shadows

Photography is the art of light. When there is light, Floating Frame Canvas Prints there is shadow. Using shadow shooting is also a compulsory course for every photographer.

2nd Aug 2018

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