To get better mobile photography

To get better mobile photography

To get better mobile photography

As the camera condition of the mobile phone is more and more perfect, canvas prints the mobile phone is more and more selected as the shooting equipment. In the past, we also push too many articles about mobile phone photography, including mobile phones photography, photography people appreciate the interview, mobile phone photography, etc., but even so, there are still a lot of video friends will ask, how to learn, to use their phones to make better more? So, I'd like to share with you a step to learn mobile photography, cheap canvas as well as some of my experience in mobile photography, which I hope will inspire you.

Be ready to take pictures

One of the important reasons why mobile photography is so popular is its portability. People carry mobile phones with them everywhere they go, and people who like to take pictures go wherever they go.

However, good works need to be accumulated. It is also important to learn how to take more photos if you want to learn mobile photography well. Both on a trip along the beautiful scenery, and walk in familiar with the streets of the city, how to observe life, found special details, rare moment, ready to take pictures at any time and place, is to take a good start.

Shoot at all times but not at all times

Taken at any time, but not phones without thinking to press the shutter, but there is a certain thinking before filming, ask yourself again, in my mind you take this picture, is just want to record a good picture, is that a flash of light and shadow, or catch a story? Only by thinking about it can you get better at it.

We should pay attention to the composition of the scene

Undeniably, the scene and composition are the key to determine whether a photo is good or bad. The same scene, the same equipment, different people will shoot different effects. So even if you're shooting on your cell phone, when you choose a good Angle and set your composition, you can still get a good picture.

If your phone doesn't have a large aperture, choose a simple background to keep the image cleaner and the subject more prominent. It is found that more diversified composition, such as frame composition and guide line composition can make the picture more three-dimensional and hierarchical.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of equipment

The equipment in your hand is like a gun in the field of battle. You need to know how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, so as to better play its level. Knowing what you have is often more important than having good equipment.

mobile photography

And device's basic it is wide-angle lens, as you approach the object when shooting prone to serious distortion, so when the shooting will pay more attention to the geometrical line of the viewfinder, or choose a big scene composition, with straight Angle, it can avoid the effect of the distortion. Mobile phone lens and a big advantage is can close focus, therefore can capture some details, when filming objects such as grain and water, can let a person see the world a more exquisite and delicate.

Using the professional model

Most mobile phones now come with professional models that offer more playability to photography lovers. If you already know how to make a scene, have a lot of ideas, and have a good understanding of the equipment, try the professional model on your phone next. Adjust the ISO, shutter and color temperature according to the requirements during shooting, so as to get rid of the restrictions of cell phone shooting and shoot the effect you want to shoot.

Late ascension is more desirable

I tried my best in the early stage, and I made up for it in the later stage. Don't scoff at post-production, glass prints which is actually part of the creative process of photography. If you want to make the picture look better and more complete, it is quite necessary to do a proper post-production. Finally, to make a good photo, you need to think, learn and act more, and keep shooting.

14th Jul 2018

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