To pose for wedding photography

To pose for wedding photography

To pose for wedding photography

Each pair of new couple before getting married will go to take a different set of photos, canvas prints au as the life events of marriage, in fact in the picture taken when there will be a photographer and stylist to guide new couple posed as a man of different, but if they have their own ideas in advance, photo to canvas according to his own will take wedding photos should be more memorable, more extraordinary.

Don't put your head and body in a straight line.

1. When taking wedding photos, the head and body must not be on the line. If the eyes of the new couple are right on camera, the body can be turned into a certain point of view. If the body is facing the camera, it can turn the head slightly to the left or to the right, so that it can be more vivid and three-dimensional.

2. Good performance.

New couple's hand in the overall picture proportion is not very big, but if put wrong, also can affect the aesthetic feeling of the whole picture, the detail is the key that the hunger decides defeat. So new couple must pay attention to when you take a photo in hand gesture, if have to hand in your pocket or hand rested on her hips, attention should be paid to reveal some of the fingers, avoid deformation or fracture.

To pose for wedding photography

Don't put your arms and legs on the parallel line.

If you put your arms and legs on a parallel line, you will feel the same hand and foot, so you should pay particular attention to the wedding photos. Don't make people feel very mechanical and stiff. It is suggested that the new couple, whether sitting posture or standing posture, should make a certain point of view of the limbs of the person, so that the contrast is rich and vivid, and it will add a sense of elegance.

4. The body should be clearly defined.

When the bride is taking wedding picture photograph, perhaps as far as possible to let the body shape curve of oneself is clear, otherwise can give a person a kind of very inflexible, blunt feeling, and also cannot express the aesthetic feeling that the picture needs. For example, when taking a photo, the bride must keep her chest high, and try not to take a picture of her face. Do not stay up too deliberately on your legs, be able to lift a leg slightly, turn your hips around and place a hand on your hips so you can add width.

5. Good posture.

When the new couple is sitting on a wedding photo, it is necessary to keep the posture of the chest and stomach to prevent the protrusion of the shoulder. Else, just sitting, bear in mind that will not be able to follow the same usually, the body is close to his chair, such simple appear leg coarse and the lack of energy, such pictures come out effect is not good. The right thing to do is to move your body forward, not to sit on a chair, to hold your chest high, or to lean back against the groom, so that you can perfectly display the bride's posture.

6. The act of hugging.

Hugging seems to be an essential gesture in any kind of wedding photo, but in a beautiful wedding photo, the look and action of the hug is different from the other way of shooting. New couple when hug must show the romantic and sweet feeling, whether it is a simple hug, or embracing, will exhibit a unique flavor, large format printing make the picture look more beautiful.

12th Apr 2018

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