To shoot street photography

To shoot street photography

To shoot street photography

Street photography is very simple, because there is no threshold, anyone, using any equipment that can take pictures can take street photography in a public place; Street photography is difficult, good street photography is to tell a story, through a picture, through the scene and the action of the characters in the picture, let the viewer into it, began to think about their story, which requires keen observation and skilled camera operation to capture the fleeting picture with the fastest time. The core of street photography is not the controlling scene, buildings and flowers only provide the environment, but not the controlling person is the core of street photography. People provide emotions, people provide stories, and people provide countless possibilities in the scene.

First, the most important thing is the camera. As a street photographer, the most important thing is to integrate into the environment, observe the world in the environment, and then grasp the fleeting moment from the perspective of an observer. In order to "stay out of", the best way is to make yourself have no sense of existence. Of course, equipment should not be the limit of shooting. Small cameras can allow us to get involved in the picture without being noticed. Larger cameras can also allow us to become onlookers.

For the students who just start to take photos, maybe zoom lens is more convenient for them; zoom lens can make us more flexible, not running around. However, once you have taken a lot of photos and have some experience, it is still recommended to switch to a fixed-focus lens. Generally speaking, regardless of expensive high-end zoom heads, most good, inexpensive prime lenses offer sharper quality than comparable zoom lenses at the same price, and often shooting at the same focal length helps we develop our own style.

For street photography, the focal length is also to determine according to the type and individual be fond of, generally speaking, most of the street photographer will choose a wide-angle lens, like the 28 mm or 35 mm lens, wide-angle lens can plug in more environment, at the same time, even in the case of large aperture can bring more broad depth of field, even the regional focus, it's easy to let the picture in focus, it is not easy to out of focus.

To shoot street photography

Street photography usually needs to be substituted into the environment to assist the characters to tell the story. Moreover, a picture may not have only one focus, especially in the case that many key points in the picture are in different depth environments. Therefore, we need a good depth of field range, and it is better not to make the background completely blurred. Therefore, if the light environment is good, the aperture selection is recommended from f/5.6 to f/11.

Shutter speed also affects how we shoot, and the faster the shutter speeds, the easier it is to capture the moment. Use a 1/500s shutter speed in full sunlight, as this allows us to capture a clear picture even if we press the shutter speed quickly while moving (it's easier to snap out of the camera). If the shutter speed is less than 1/100s, then we must completely still the shutter speed to ensure the image is clear.

Although our camera have auto-focus system mostly, but it should grasp the manual focus, so aft may not fully meet our requirements, might be in a good composition point was not what we want, and under the environment of weak light or low contrast aft may be not so quickly, if the camera and lens focusing system is not so high, it would inevitably bellow, pull the screen disappeared.

Good composition is the key to a photograph, but don't too its format, each image can have different ways of guiding, good composition should be in our hearts, is a subconscious reflexes, see the picture you should know how to take the best, and not before the film didn't want to think about should use what means to composition. In addition, don't be afraid of cutting in the later stage, so shoot the picture as soon as you see it, and you can still get a good composition through cutting.

When we integrate into the environment and observe the environment, we should not forget to look up or down. Good pictures exist around us, and we never know what kind of good pictures we may miss. Street photography is very interesting, street photography are the core of the control, and it is this control, let everything is unknown, we never know before we take out the camera itself will produce what kind of picture, is this not control, let us begin to observe human, observe the world, found that the goodness of all and the darkness.

7th Jan 2019

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