To snap a picture with your phone

To snap a picture with your phone

To snap a picture with your phone

A lot of people like to use a mobile phone recording everyday in your life, canvas prints and likes to share side of the story, today to teach you how to use mobile phone capture every detail of life way, to look like photo friend might as well .

If the sound, australia canvas prints and flash of the shutter may affect your subject, turn it off. Most camera phones have a depth of field large enough that your subject should be in focus, unless you're particularly close.

Don't be shy:

When someone takes a picture on their cell phone, it usually gets the attention of passersby. Before you shoot, you need to understand why you're shooting, be very polite to your subject before you shoot, and understand the local shooting habits. Another thing to note is to prepare an answer so you don't panic when the subject asks you why.

Key points of snapshot:

Always remember the elements of news -- who, what, when, where, why and how. In your images, try to provide as much information as possible. Determine the date and time of the shoot so that it can be called whenever needed.

Don't always move your camera:

Frame your subject and hold it for a while until the shoot is complete. Then try to reorganize and represent your subject by moving the camera around. If your subject is moving, try to keep the subject relatively still by moving with your camera phone.

To snap a picture with your phone

Seek information about the subject:

If you recommend a photo to any news organization, they will ask you for information about the person in the photo. This information is used to analyze the relationship between the characters in the photos and the news events.

Use continuous shooting mode:

Some advanced camera phones offer a continuous mode, and when you press the shutter, the camera records a sequence of photos. If you're shooting a dynamic set of photos, a continuous shot can keep the story intact. Continuous mode is also a very beneficial option when it is difficult to keep the camera stable.

The phone is easy to carry and can take pictures anywhere and anytime. With the continuous improvement of technology, the pixel and transmission speed of the phone have been greatly improved. The compatibility of many apps and photo phones makes it easier to process images. "In some ways, using a phone is not fundamentally different from using a digital camera or a digital camera, the same rules, acrylic glass prints the same methods. However, the phone also has its own disadvantages that are hard to overcome.

5th Jun 2018

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