​What are the determinants of a good photograph

What are the determinants of a good photograph

Many people think taking a good work need to study a wide range of skills, but actually the determinant of a good photo, often are made by the photographer's experience and aesthetic accomplishment to render, so foundation is very important, especially the following basic, essential.

1. Teach yourself to know the light correctly.

Light is the soul of photography, and whenever you can't avoid a foundation, the point, drawing, photography is used to correct understanding of light, and correct use of light, a photograph is the decisive factor of success. No matter you have a camera, you should be a habit, when see a special light, imagine, if have a camera on hand, what you will use this light clap a picture. Your camera is just a dark box that absorbs light, but some of it is very fancy, and some of it is very simple. What kind of light is it? Does light have color? Does light reflect an interesting shape on the surface of an object? Do you create a unique shadow? If you can understand the light, you will be a good photographer.

What are the determinants of a good photograph

2. Active composition.

In terms of composition, there are two kinds of people. One is used to take pictures first, and one is used to take pictures after the composition. But either way, the composition is an iron law. This is not to say that the composition must be followed by the principle that the composition is actually no principle at all, as long as the photo is comfortable, it is a successful composition. But how do you make people look comfortable? Actually or rule-based, some basic rules of composition or familiar, for starters, starting from basic rules to practice always not wrong, only these basic rules with ease, to break the rules, create rules.

3. Content is the most important thing.

It's easy to say, but a lot of people just can't hold on to the content, and the pictures are often empty and pointless. Do you know your subject before pressing the shutter? What is the subject of the picture you capture? I'm afraid many people simply press the shutter. Looking for the body of the picture taken by oneself, all the other rules are for the service of this subject, which is the basis of good photos. Only the subject is clear, and the story around the subject can be said clearly.

4.Don't ignore the background.

Many people like to shoot people with a large aperture, the result is a clear person, the background is all blurred.

In fact, most of the time background can serve for the story, a good background can better explain this photo, a good-looking like as may be good-looking, remove people, makes no sense. To make a good portrait, a reasonable background is essential.

5. View the world from different perspectives.

We are used to putting cameras in front of our eyes, taking pictures of the horizon in our own eyes, and seeing the world, but if we want to transcend our subject, we must have a breakthrough. In some ways, it's easier to see different worlds in a different way, and let you take on a whole new theme. You can get close, you can go away, you can lower your camera, you can look down on the world. Reinterpret the world with a fresh perspective.

What are the determinants of a good photograph art

6. Grasp the details

In fact, beauty is around us, and there are lots of scenes in our daily life that are perfect for us, but we're just in the middle of nowhere. As a photographer, we should pay attention to the small details around us, and record the beauty of life around us, but not being noticed. It is not necessary to always carry the camera with you at all times to take pictures. Now the mobile phone is so powerful that it is a good choice to take photos with your mobile phone. Get into the habit of watching the world with the lens, and you will find more beauty.

7. Look for lines

The lines are everywhere, whether at the end of the earth or at the end of the line, or on the edge of the building, or the extension of the road. Take advantage of the ubiquitous lines and use them as guides or dividing lines to make an interesting picture. You can use these lines to create your theme, or you can use these lines to surround your subject, and you can use these lines to create a framework.

8. Learn to wait

The so-called decisive moment is not the touch, but the waiting. When you find a place that is good enough to take a photo, you can wait there, wait for the light Angle to the right place, and wait for the interesting person to pass by. Good pictures belong to those who have patience.

25th Jan 2018

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