What plant does the sitting room fit to put

What plant does the sitting room fit to put

Modern household adornment is popular in the two sides of cabinet of sitting room TV, canvas prints online have visual effect most, the most expensive plant should be placed here, basically use to decorate cabinet of sitting room TV, with the natural state with scattered at random on any account will coordinate the linear state with drab TV cabinet. And disposition plant, should look at adornment beauty above all, quantity should not be a lot, too much not only mixed and disorderly, and adverse to plant growth. The selection of plants should give attention to the size of the match. In addition, the plant of the sitting room should be put by the side, so that at ease people amble.

Tell of geomantic go up, custom canvas prints vsitting room tv ark puts a few plants to be able to add life to the sitting room really, some have the effect that changes evil spirit even. But not all plants are suitable to put both sides of TV ark. Indoor plants used as geomantic omen can be divided into two categories. One is used as "living prosperous" evergreen plants, one is used as "an evil spirit" cactus plants. One of the principal rules is to place evergreen plants with large leaves in the flourishing position, cactus plants in the unfavorable position, and any plant in the other position. The evergreen that puts a few thick leaves or big leaves in prosperous place has the effect of flourishing, can add wealth for domestic curtilage, for example, evergreen such as cycles, evergreens is more ideal. Tall, dense evergreens also help to counteract the ominous angles created by the irregular walls of the living room.

Usually, have prickly or show the shape when needle, wait like azalea, rose, cactus, put on both sides of TV are absolutely appropriate, can appear otherwise the circumstance that family falls ill in turn. Violets, evergreens, keel and other varieties, these plants can make the family energetic, work have courage, but be careful to take care of, panorama canvas print not to the visiting group as long as it can be placed to reap its benefits, if found when the flower branch wither, should be cut as soon as possible, otherwise the work will be blocked, family bad luck. In addition common ribbon is spent, plastic flower Yi Ke is put at the sitting room. These furnishings do not have a life at all actually, to the geomantic influence in the house are not big. But be aware that if you use one, leaving it at home will make you more likely to get injure or sick. It is also worth mentioning that the trees should not be placed in the center of the indoor, otherwise the course will be blocked, in trouble.

Should avoid when sitting room layout will disorderly greenery or common ornamental flowers scattered ground decoration is on both sides of TV. Careful selection of plant types can make indoor changes, such as the use of hanging baskets and vines, can make high room look lower; the lower room can use the plant with neat and straight shape to make the interior look taller. Leaf is small. Branch shows the plant that arched from extends, can make narrow small room appears on the vision some wider than the actual area. The balance of plant proportions is extremely important, and the use of contrast should be forgotten. The decoration of stately sitting room can use leaf from a big and simple plant to strengthen the effect, shape complex, colorific changeable view leaf plant can make drab room becomes rich rise.

What plant does the sitting room fit to put

What plant does both sides of sitting room TV dark suit to put

The plant that can choose lush of a few branches and leaves is placed in TV ark two sides, color is chosen with verdant, have the Yi Ke of flower, wait for bamboo of blue of blue, tiger tail like broad leaf FIG, loose tail of flower, also have the effect that gives birth to flourishing. Bamboo is suitable for ornamental and decorative plants. If hung in the flourishing bamboo flowers can also be. Can put thorn kind of plant in adverse azimuth, have keel. Jade kylie, huge canvas prints rose and azalea to wait. These plants are put appropriately in the azimuth of adverse sitting room.

26th Feb 2021

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