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​Winter snow scene shooting skills


Winter snow scene shooting skills

1, simple composition

If you are taking snapshots amateur, or is photography lovers of minimalism, so snow is a great gift, when it snows, and gathers a lily-white, it is easy to take a concise picture.

2, choose the appropriate time

Photography is the art of light and heavy snow days, what time to take pictures of more have administrative levels feeling and aesthetic feeling, when snow cover the earth, heaven and earth boundless, a lily-white if taken in sunny morning or evening, can show simple sense of snow, or if it is taken in the snow village rime, good light can better apply colours to a drawing atmosphere.

3, color contrast

Pure white to see for a long time and it's easy to let a person produce visual fatigue, this time, the contrast of color contrast, to support the snows cape, instead more can seize person eyeball. Still can be observed in the snow around, look at the color of the jump out of it, including red series of contrast in the snow is more moving.

Winter snow scene shooting skills

4, snow exposure

Accurate exposure is the first factor of filming snow, we must first understand the characteristic of the snow, because of the snow on the ground out after will produce a mirror reflection effect, caused the snow on the surface of the features are: brightness, contrast, small, high reflective rate, lack of hierarchy, tonal and single. Taken in this way, the camera to the scene with the human eye can see live have some difference.

If you directly with a camera or mobile phone, to the snow for metering, taken out of the picture will be darker, at this point you must conduct exposure compensation to obtain normal exposure. In general, most of the area of the picture is snow cover, metering increased after exposure compensation is more suitable for 1 to 2 file. Snow photographs taken this extreme, in addition to the photometric method is more exquisite, also can use some accessories to help photographers shooting, one of the most important parts is the polarizer. Can make a big snow surface polarization of the reflective intensity, combined with the light of the polarizer can make the picture than decrease a lot.

5, snow equipment protection

Packed in plastic bags with a simple lens and equipment can play a good effect, but also pay attention to the battery insulation, let the battery in low temperature quickly, when not filming, take down the battery in time, heat preservation in the pocket, also can effectively extend the service life of the battery, of course, also can get many battery, nip in the bud. When the battery is taken into a warm place from a cold place, easy moisture condensation occurs, can advance the camera seal in a plastic bag, can prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon.

6, snow like conception

Finally, we talk about everyone's favorite snow portrait, first of all pay attention to the model of clothing color is tie-in, do not conflict and white snow. Can use the small objects such as preparation of hat, scarf, and build the atmosphere of winter the snow fell. Pay attention to the white balance, in the snow, because of the special environment, the digital camera's automatic white balance is not very accurate, and try to manually adjust the white balance, can better restore image color. Snow and rain scene, high brightness light intensity, want to show the snow move feeling, can choose a slower shutter, can also choose the dark background, so that can better let the pictures have administrative levels feeling. 

Winter snow scene shooting skills1