you can get a good view on a rainy day

you can get a good view on a rainy day

you can get a good view on a rainy day

Everyone wants to travel all the way, but the weather conditions are really not in our control, canvas prints have the heart of photography, you can shoot in any weather! How to take a photo tutorial on rainy days.

The storm will cloud over.

The clouds in the sky, canvas prints online cheap are ever-changing, which is always one of the subjects that the photographer likes to shoot. The type of rain associated with the rainy day is the massive cumulonimbus cloud. The reason for the formation is strong convection, so at the bottom there will be a lot of wrinkles, so that there are many layers in the sky. But the actual filming, usually don't like what we see, the main reason is that the ground light covered with clouds, and make the contrast between heaven and earth is bigger than imagined, so pick exposure on the ground, the sky will lose detail because of excessive exposure. When shooting can use spot metering carefully measure the earth and the sky exposure levels, and USES the RAW file, after the system when the sky can use shielding to reduce exposure and increase the contrast, and ground environment is a little bit bright, let whole picture with more details. More special condition is the summer after the rain of thunder shower, if appear near the time of the evening, at this time and exactly in cumulonimbus clouds around, plus the western block without sex, you can see the sky clouded over, but the street because of the setting sun which appear golden color temperature charming scenes of the city. At this time, if it rains, the sky and earth will be like a layer of gold woven tulle, the most dreamy and charming.

Rainstorm falls from the sky.

When the cumulonimbus is in the distance, occasionally we can see the rain in the local area, and if the luck is good enough, it is possible to see the electric light mixed with it, to illuminate the clouds and rain in this area. On the composition, it is suggested that the area with close to calm and no rain should be included in the picture, and the proportion of the majority should be taken into account, so as to emphasize the specific aspects of the wind and rain. How to take a picture on a rainy day?

A wave that devours the earth.

Before the typhoon hit the beach have long waves appear, many people will travel to wave watching, because normally calm as a mirror of the sea, incarnation gluttonous gobbling up eating into the shore at this time to remove all of the items. Waves while shock, but when given a chance to watch nearby, suggested that in the high places of the shooting from a distance, and pay attention to the weather conditions at any time, don't just want to the photos, and ignores the potential dangers. In addition, the strong wind will be blowing sea camera and lens, filming today, remember to pay attention to the water droplets are full of lenses, and back home must first with water wet soft cloth, wipe the fuselage and shot several times, remove salt after natural drying, and packed into the moisture proof box dehumidification.

you can get a good view on a rainy day

The method of seizing instantaneous lightning.

Lightning flashed and send a brake and destroy, no fixed rhythm, brightness, so if you want to see the lightning, just press the shutter, hurriedly so you won't get time from lightning. The most important concept for lighting lightning is that the shutter should be slow rather than fast, and it is ideal to shoot with a B shutter. Of course, the premise is that the shooting time should be in the late afternoon or later, so that the picture will not be exposed after the slow shutter speed. When shooting lightning, pay special attention to the problem of lightning strike, don't stand alone in an empty place, to ensure safety, and preferably in indoor shooting through the window, not only safe and does not need to worry about the rain came down in the interim, let the camera into the water damage.

Note: during severe weather changes such as typhoons and thunderstorms, take special care of your own safety.

It's a good time to have water.

Rainy days always than sunny days a lot of dark light, the situation in general issues, in order to condense the action, often need to pull up a sense of brightness to increase the shutter speed, sometimes you need to sacrifice some image quality. This problem is a huge advantage when photographing streams of mist, because we need to take advantage of the slow shutter speed caused by the light filter.

The sense of brightness plus a small aperture is enough to capture the charm of the mist. A more practical reason is that the contrast of rainy day is low, and after the rain the whole environment, splashed wet, let the picture presents a kind of soft feeling, be sunny environment, difficult to get image texture.

The enchanting rain mist.

The grey climate showed, because of suspended water vapour in the air, always let the distant objects like a general on white gauze, can easily by resolution determine the object distance relationship, so there is also a photographer called atmospheric perspective effect. When filming this video, know not like a normal day, give priority to with the pursuit of clear, sharp image, but after careful observation water mist effect of main body, whether also can show the original impression, and presents the hazy aesthetic feeling, and nearby comparative supporting role, will be clear than a distant subject, how to let the former composition don't interfere with clear the main body, is a key to the success of work.

Reflection makes the night scene more glorious.

One of the most annoying things about rainy days is the wet water, which makes the shoes dirty. But for photographers who like to capture the cityscape, it is a rare opportunity to shoot. Usually we shoot night scenes, we like to be in the evening, when the sky still has rosy clouds, and the ground city lights have opened, presenting a colorful image. Once in the night, the sky and the ground become black at the same time, unless in the commercial dense area, otherwise black occupies most area, the image appears less pleasant. But the ground water after the rain, if it happens to have no wind and no rain, big canvas at a certain Angle, can reflect the city lights, let the surface show a colorful atmosphere.

15th Apr 2018

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