You get creative portrait photo

You get creative portrait photo

You get creative portrait photo

Many photographers' knowledge of close-up is limited to the mastery of landscape. Landscape is a kind of lens language, canvas prints which is the expression of the subject content. Blindly pursue the visual impact of the form, but the appearance of the appearance of the shadow, inevitably fall into a rut. Artistic works pursue the unity of form and connotation, canvas prints online while the presentation of content is often indirect and profound, which is not easily interpreted.

It is not only people who photograph clearly that are portrait photos. Shooting portrait photodoesn't has to be clear. In fact, it can show some emotion or emotion from the picture as a whole through the characters' modeling and gesture, combining the corresponding elements. In the following figure, the graceful dancing pose of the model is combined with the lilies of the skirt posing in the picture, which complement each other.

In specific filming, we choose our prospects to focus on the lilies, deliberately falsified background and models, in addition, choose the background as a highlight, such as the window through the exposure control wanted background overexposed, highlight the screen effect of high-profile, quiet, elegant fully show picture. Creative photography skills

You get creative portrait photo

Iii. The unique silhouette effect is achieved through modeling.

The silhouette can weaken the details and highlight the "shape". An elegant and elegant posture can be used to form a simple and expressive visual communication through the expression of silhouette, to enhance the artistic expression of the picture. In the specific shooting, the photographer should be careful to guide the model's physical manifestation. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of the exposure. The lighting mode is usually used to measure the brightest part of the picture, and the effect of the silhouette can be obtained by combining the exposure compensation.

"Glare" is also an element of artistic creation.

Glare is in traditional portrait photography because it destroys the simplicity and clarity of the picture. However, the effective use of ghost images can play a very good role in rendering the images when they are portrayed in such aesthetically pleasing images.

Take photography as a means of expressing art.

It is a woman's nature to look in the mirror, but many people think that a woman's mirror is self-pity. I think it is a shallow and vulgar knowledge. The process of women looking in the mirror, besides the appearance of the external beauty, is a kind of spiritual dialogue -- the reality and the ideal communication. "Spiritual dialogue" is the photographer insight into social reality, the author explores the inner, large canvas prints of humanity care, such a perspective will have strong personal color, and performance in the photographer’s works is unique. Below, you can see that the picture was carefully crafted by the photographer. It is more meaningful to keep the necessary elements in the picture.

7th May 2018

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