​6 sunset photography techniques

​6 sunset photography techniques

When we think of popular themes in landscape photography, images of beautiful sunsets come to mind. To take an amazing sunset photo, you need to measure the exact exposure so that you don't overexpose the bright spots and lose sight of the dark. In addition, using good composition and finding a good Angle is also one of the prerequisites for success. This article details 6 sunset photography techniques to help you take beautiful sunset photos.

1. Find a good location

You can greatly increase your chances of success by planning your shoot ahead of time. The first thing you have to decide is where the best place to shoot is. Choose a place away from roads and hiking traffic, and make sure you not only get to your location in a safe and adequate amount of time, but also find your way back after sunset. When you know how to take the time to research your location in advance and reach your destination before sunrise or dusk, being prepared will do you a huge favor and allow you to capture those beautiful moments.

2. Make time

The most important factor after location is the time of day. Obviously, this will depend on whether you photograph the sunrise or sunset. If your shot was timed to coincide with the close or recent end of rain, the results could be stunning. Rain clouds can add a dramatic dimension to a scene. Prime time is generally the best time to take pictures, and light at this time of day can make a pleasant difference to your image. Pay attention to the effects light can create and use it to capture better images.

The time of sunset is relatively short, during this time of shooting, we must prepare well in advance, determine the subject we want to shoot, and choose a good shooting location in advance.

3. Make the most of your prospects

It is also common to see the sky without some clouds at sunrise or sunset. In order to avoid this phenomenon, you can use some surrounding foreground as a foil, such as leaves and branches as the foreground of the empty sky, so as to help balance the structure of the scene.

4. Adjust your exposure

The sky is still bright at sunset, you can do this, and it will also give you more room to correct underexposure. The phone comes with a built-in way to adjust exposure. You just click on the screen, and when you see the sunlight symbol, swipe your finger up or down to adjust or reduce the exposure.

6 sunset photography techniques

Create a good composition

When shooting a sunset, frame the subject sun and the sky associated with it as the center. At this point, the most effective method is to use other auxiliary shooting objects to foil the subject of the sun. In sunset photography, lovers of photography can also use the reflection in the water to give the sunset a symmetrical effect, which will help you take more dramatic pictures.

Wait for the right opportunity

If you already have experience photographing sunsets, a scene can completely change from one hour to the next, sometimes even from a minute to the next, due to the dynamic nature of natural lighting. Experimenting with different exposure times, changing the position of clouds and the sun, repositioning them, or trying a slightly different Angle will help you take more unusual pictures.

It's not easy to get a beautiful sunset that everyone loves. In addition to having beautiful scenery, small photography skills are also important. Hopefully, by sharing these tips, you'll be able to take advantage of them the next time you take a sunset, and you'll be able to take even better pictures. If you have good photography skills, feel free to leave a comment below. If you have good pictures, please share them with us.

14th Sep 2020

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