​A novice learn photography

​A novice learn photography

A novice learn photography

Here are some tips to improve your photography skills

1. Draw on the data of good photos.

A lot of photography, canvas prints au can make a person shine, do you want to know how it was shot? The first step in revealing a good picture is to study its data. As shown in the picture, the flowing water wants to shoot continuously, silk feeling is very full, must have the slow speed, so in order to achieve the proper exposure, aperture must use very small.

2. Learn from master works.

Knowing the corresponding shooting information will give you a deeper understanding of the picture, print on canvas and can bring you closer to the scene of the restoration and the shooting techniques of the photographer. What are the special effects of exposure? Why do you use the shutter and aperture combination? What are the different images that come out of the other combination? Keep asking, wait until next time see the same scene and similar environment, personally try, various shooting techniques can be used for me.

3. Summarize the experience of your successful photos.

When taking the master's data, we should also summarize our works. Which picture is more satisfactory? Do you have control over exposure data and aperture shutter release before shooting? Will you be able to grasp the key points smoothly next time you meet the same environment?

4. The object repeatedly shoots, the exercise looks for the Angle of view ability.

For the same object, take more than 5 shots, try different angles, different light applications, different aperture shutter combinations, and try to separate the form of each photo. This article at the beginning of the introduction to effect is very obvious, can let the photographer rapid belongs to each subject each Angle of the object, thus in a rapid judgment, for the first time to hold the characteristic of things, take pictures of the most beautiful. With this kind of training, there will be an instinct for the picture, which will take you farther and closer to the master of photography.

5. Leave only the best one, and increase your thinking before shooting.

The last one is the bible for daily training, which is used for creating, complementing each other, seemingly conflicting, but all for taking good pictures.

A novice learn photography

6. Common problems

Every time I went out to take a picture, the movie friends were so confused that they saw everything they wanted to take, so they brought back a lot of photos. Each photo should be carefully conceived to be a fine, almost every photographer knows this truth, but still take chances to take pictures of repeat, don't feel very satisfied, not usually stop to think about, but even more than a few pictures. For certain scenarios these methods do have merit, but it is also easy to develop a bad habit of not thinking carefully before shooting and winning by quantity.

7. Solutions

From now on, the same scene only takes a photograph home, the expression is not beautiful, the composition is not beautiful, all delete. This training allows you to think carefully about each picture, and don't panic.

8. Make the reading a habit and improve the appreciation ability.

Broaden your horizons, look at photo magazines and picture books and look at beautiful pictures in the gap between life and work. Is there a scene you can meet, and why didn't you take that picture? The colorific collocation of those great masters is absolutely unique, can also be used in your creation? If some of the photos have comments, that's right, and see if it's the same as you think? A lot of reading a map, and only in this way can we constantly accumulation of aesthetic images, large canvas prints next time you see a picture, you can say it out of the ordinary place, immediately can understand it is not far from can do it.

14th Apr 2018

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