​Baby toy room layout design

Baby toy room layout design

Choice of toys

The rational choice of children's toys not only helps the body and mind development, but also helps to enlighten and enrich the infant's intelligence. According to the physiological characteristics and psychological characteristics of infants, we need to choose toys according to the following principles:

1 to 2 months baby: children will stare bright colors and objects with noise, had better choose some toys to hang, hang the height to fit, but also in the direction of different wall or small bed frame, best can move.

3-4 months of age: at this time, the child can change the position and turn around, and also have some ability to distinguish the surrounding objects. Children at this stage can choose colorful balloons.

5-6 months of age: we need to match the characteristics of his muscle movements, and choose a tangible, tumbler, puppetry or soft plastic animal toy for the best.

7-8 months of age: for children at this stage, you can choose toys with unusual shapes, such as a novel jiggling puzzle.

Baby toy room layout design

9-10 months baby: you can choose a large colored ball, and a rolling ball can strengthen the baby's crawl.

11-12 months of age: at this time, we can choose lively, vivid figures or animal pictures for our children, as well as transport pictures.

Wall decoration

Wall decoration had better use environmental protection type wallpaper to make adornment. Because this is not only environmental protection, clean also very convenient. Choose textile products also want to be serious, for example: the curtain of the room, cloth art furniture, newly bought clothes, cloth make a toy to wait, choose environmental protection pollution-free material as far as possible.

The parents to be very careful when choosing toys for baby, for example: some have dust mites pollution in plush toys, wooden toys have paint of lead pollution, and plastic toys such as volatile substances, so parents if want to buy a toy, or want to safely store, choose rest assured brand, so the child's safety can be guaranteed.

Baby toys is need to be very attentively to decorate room, decorate in the different time to different toys for children to play, I believe you through the above understanding, sure what kind of toys for children in different historical periods, like, how to have a good understanding, believe that can certainly be a good toy room for your baby.

Decorate children room furniture: give children a beautiful and green room, suggested that parents take children furniture, in the form of module combination, make reasonable colour collocation, formaldehyde-free in different poses and no heavy metal exceeds bid of children furniture. Must consider the environmental protection sex of furniture; still have children furniture all the edges and corners should pass round to be treated, even if the baby bumps into not carefully also have no problem.

8th Feb 2018

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