Do a good job in preparation of wedding photography

Do a good job in preparation of wedding photography

Premise: evaluate your strength correctly

Received a friend's wedding photo invitation, I believe everyone will feel more or less happy, canvas prints how to say this seems to be others on their own photography ability of a certain, of course, do not rule out some new friends just take a fancy to your professional camera (khan). In any case, received such an invitation, in addition to happy, also want to seriously consider their own shooting strength, determine their ability to photography, whether it is enough to be the main wedding record photography? Or is it better to do the side shot assistance of the main photography first? Are you familiar with your equipment and exposure Settings? Do you even have experience shooting indoor portraits?

Maybe a friend will tell you, "We don't ask for much, we just want a record." But marriage is life event after all, most people can want to leave beautiful record, canvas online australia below the antecedents of blame party, it is hard to hold the new people "requirement is not tall" it is to be polite after all still can press shutter record only ok. Because the wedding is only one time cannot come again, so carefully assess their own photographic strength is very important, otherwise shot failed, hurt each other's friendship is not a good thing!

Preparation 1: discuss and understand the details and style of the shooting

It is very important to take charge of the wedding photography and know the shooting content and style of the couple's preference. If the couple says they don't have any special ideas, large photo you can collect some examples of wedding photography works on the Internet for their reference and make your shooting more directional. Probably understand the content of marriage and the couple want to capture important images in particular, sometimes the couple may have some special moments at the wedding preparations, or have some special requirements, the main photographer need to know in advance, and put forward to should demand might encounter situations or problems, discuss the solution, when shot in outdoor scenes, for example, if the bride's dress and veil satin or nylon material, may be easier to glance will affect results, such as possible please the couple or new secret when choosing a dress to overcome issues first.

Additional, still can ask new appointees in advance that day whether to still can have the cameraman that other side takes an assistant, reach besides new appointees the relatives and friends that is familiar with the guest on the spot quite. If there are other photographers who can assist in side shooting, you can also arrange the work for the day in advance if necessary, so as not to get mixed up. And the relatives and friends that are familiar with a guest on the spot additionally can assist when taking a picture call together arrangement, when missing a certain relatives and friends member, assist discovery in time.

In such a case, it is suggested to find a photography friend with relevant experience to assist you in the shooting of the day, and coordinate the assignment of the shooting work, so as to avoid that you may miss some important pictures due to the temporary situation that day, and the backup of the auxiliary shooting.

Preparation 2: list the main shots

After knowing the general content of the wedding day and the requirements of the new people, we can roughly sort out the main picture that must be taken that day, including the details of the relatives and friends and the shooting place that need to appear in the picture. Some basic cuts for shooting, such as offering tea, wearing rings and throwing flowers, are better listed one by one. On the one hand, it can avoid missing any details; on the other hand, it is also convenient for you to plan the shooting of each picture and possible problems. After sorting out these contents, they can also share them with the photographers who assist the side shooting, so as to ensure that they can cooperate and match well on the day and successfully record the complete wedding process. If possible, it is best to get the whole process of the wedding day, and then the main picture to confirm and arrange.

Preparation 3: survey in advance

Scenes of Taiwan's traditional wedding, and may include home inside and outside and wedding banquet scene, best can ahead of time before shooting field can be, to be familiar with the site of the shooting day, thought shooting position, Angle, measure the scene such as light, sometimes need to be taken at home or outside the home, photo is suitable for the scene also can choose good in advance, for outdoor filming scenes, in addition to choose good shots, also can prepare for a rainy day for the record. And in the wedding scene on the day of the arrangement, the new how to go, there will be any special lighting effects, etc., it is also best to know in advance, convenient shooting more smoothly.

Do a good job in preparation of wedding photography

Preparation 4: two cameras

On the wedding day, everything should not be repeated. The main photography of the wedding will need the secondary photography for backup assistance, and your camera will need another camera for assistance, in case there is a problem in the camera during the shooting that will affect the normal shooting. Easy and quick camera conversion, two cameras can be the same model body, with a common lens to cover common focal length. The advantage of having two cameras is that you can use both focal lenses at the same time, making it easy to change quickly during shooting without having to disassemble and reassemble. If you don't have that much camera and body, borrow it from a friend or consider renting it.

Preparation 5: pick the shot

As mentioned before, we need to equip two airframes, so how to choose the parts of the lens to match? Some photographers like one with a zoom lens and a flash, and another with a large aperture focusing lens. In any case, choosing a lens with a larger aperture will make it easier to maintain a handheld shot when the light is weaker indoors, and it will also make it easier to get close-up shots with a shallow depth of field.

Preparation 6: appropriate clothing

As wedding photography, what kind of dress to appear, presumably also let many photography players to worry. Although some professional photographers are dressed casually for the convenience of action, which is obviously different from the guests at the scene, some photographers are afraid of affecting the overall picture of the scene (editor's note: after all, there are often side shots or dynamic video parts, so that you may be exposed to the lens of others). Or better integrate into the scene crowd, and in the more formal dress to seek comfort and convenience, to show respect for the new. The schoolboy can choose the shirt that has flexibility qualitative collocation to compare brunet pants to serve as collocation, the word of schoolgirl also is to it is beautiful with pants outfit of course, prepare the shoe of a pair of comfortable close feet, what also won't send out when moving too big noise is on.

Many players accept the wedding invitation of friends, at the same time is also one of the participants, a certain degree of formal dress should be better choice.

Preparation 7: equipment inspection before departure

Taken the day before, don't forget to check again their own equipment, in addition to check whether all the equipment is ready to complete, and check whether they are normal operation, including the lens is clean, clap out effect is normal, the battery is enough, whether the memory card format, etc., after the completion of the inspection, and put them into the bag, without any omission to prepare tomorrow on the battlefield.

Preparation 8: it's best to rehearse live

Like some event shoots, some weddings have a dress rehearsal, which is also a must for the photographer. Follow the rehearsal to make you more able to predict the shooting situation and possible problems, and find the appropriate Angle and shooting position, arrange their own "walk". If you encounter the absence of a rehearsal, it is suggested that early in the day of filming to the scene to understand, or in advance with related personnel arranges the wedding process again, for example with the scene of the wedding host round again, the host pay attention to when the host says to a keyword, cheap aluminum photo prints you may be at some point in position, so as not to miss out on important picture.

14th May 2019

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