Take better pictures of children

Take better pictures of children

Take better pictures of children

I believe that a lot of photography enthusiasts or parents had faced the same problem, canvas prints they really want to take pictures of the children, but children always don't cooperate, hurl jump, or a single posture, and they don’t know how to start. Let's talk about some of the tips and tricks that you can use to make a baby.

Children pay attention to the real pictures, cheap canvas prints to witness the growth of great role, so in nature, as far as possible when shooting environment had better choose in the sense of place, can't be too late, deliberately so out of the picture would have more value. The following are mainly three aspects of shooting posture, action guide and local feature.

1. Shooting of children in sports; Children tend to be more active, which brings great difficulty to the photographer, who can paste the film without noticing, or can't grasp the desired lens. So, when children are exercising, it is generally recommended to use high-speed connection, especially if the camera is moving along with the children, it will have an unexpected effect.

2. Shooting with different lens orientation; A lot of view, will be due to the lens position of different and great effect change, in the shooting we should be good use of overhead shooting, back clap, shooting, flat vision and so on the machine bit operation. It is noted that the sky brightness varies greatly during the upswing, which will have a great impact on the picture, and the camera shutter, aperture and other parameters should be adjusted in time.

Take better pictures of children

3. Good action guidance; during the shooting process, I will interact with the children and guide some action and posture. Of course, this should be a matter of chance, not to dispense with the child's interest. Being a photographer is necessary and patient. Let the child learn the dance that the teacher teaches, give him a toy to play freely, wear some lovely ornament to imitate a person and so on.

4. Good at using local features; The child's eyes, hands and of little feet are good in material, or doing some action capture local features, that is a good shot, and there seems implication. These lenses are best shot with a large aperture lens, low ISO, which will highlight the subject and enhance the depth of the depth of the field.

5. More parent-child intimate scenes; when children are with their loved ones, they can do more fun, intimate actions, and focus on doing things well. Especially when children stand together with elder people, the sharp contrast of the Times will have unexpected effects. At this point, notice the position of the character in the lens, the proportion should not be too abrupt, the focus should be selected.

In fact, there are a lot of expressions of children, and we can use props to achieve the desired scenes, but we should be flexible in the shooting and adjust the camera parameters quickly. Make bold attempts at different circumstances. In this issue, the main points and techniques of children's life are explained, floating frame canvas and the next stage will be the introduction of landscape photography. Please look forward to your attention. The photos are original and declined for other purposes.

16th May 2018

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