​The use of the shutter priority

​The use of the shutter priority

Shutter priority is a feature of many cameras, canvas prints but most photographers do not use shutter priority frequently. In fact, shutter priority can be used to change the shutter speed to achieve a lot of scenes we would normally be difficult to capture. Whether it's a thousandth of a second, or a long orbit, it's beyond the reach of the naked eye. All of these can be expressed in shutter priority mode. Today we are going to talk about what kind of effects we can achieve in shutter priority mode and how these effects are achieved.

Real shot effect 1: high speed shutter solidification effect

The scene of high-speed movement will be frozen. Canvas online australia capturing the fleeting moment can be very powerful. It is difficult for the human eye to capture the details of such a moment.

When and where to use this effect?

High shutter speeds are ideal for high speed changes, so use this effect for sudden changes. Whether it's a sea wave, a crown of water droplets, or a burst water balloon, there are often fleeting moments like this in our common scenes. Although common, aluminum photo prints such moments are hard to capture with the naked eye.

How do you achieve this with shutter priority mode?

Adjust the camera to shutter priority mode, then adjust the shutter speed to 1/1000 second or faster. But since you want a fast shutter speed, try to choose a scene with plenty of light. If the environment is not very bright, there may be insufficient exposure, at this time, consider to increase the sensitivity or add auxiliary lighting system, such as flash.

Let the moving object leave a track. Recording the track of the object's movement over a period of time, the combination of motion and static can reflect the feeling of interlacing space and time. Is a unique artistic technique of photography. The slow door effect is perfect for shooting running water, headlights, and star orbits that highlight the passage of time.

The use of the shutter priority

How do you achieve this with shutter priority mode?

First set the camera to shutter priority, and then set the shutter speed to 1 second or less. In general, it works well on darker scenes, as long exposures mean the ambient light should not be too bright. But for daytime subjects like waterfalls, you can use a medium grey filter

The moving object is a real shadow, while the surrounding scene is dragged into a virtual shadow effect. It can not only record the instantaneous state of moving objects, but also reflect the dynamic effect. This is easy to achieve when a moving object is moving in a relatively fixed direction.

How do you achieve this with shutter priority mode?

Adjust the camera to shutter priority mode, then adjust the shutter speed to 1/30 second -1/4 second. When shooting, shake the camera according to the moving direction of the subject, glass prints online and try to keep the subject in a fixed position in the camera picture.

16th Jul 2019

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