Use mobile photo to take photo on Cloudy day

Use mobile photo to take photo on Cloudy day

Use mobile photo to take photo on Cloudy day

Many people don't like to take pictures when the sky is dark. canvas prints don't think the weather is bright enough to make a good film. In fact, cloudy day has the characteristic of cloudy day, understand its characteristic and make use of flexibly, also can make good film.

Cloudy skies are thick in the sky, making the light softer and less directional. From this characteristic, the photograph contrast small, bright and dark boundary blurred, the shadow is not obvious. According to these characteristics, photographers can shoot some subjects that need to be clear and rich in detail, such as shooting portraits in this light. In cloudy days, canvas prints online the portrait works can better restore the skin color of the characters, because the shadows are not obvious, so the texture of the skin can be very good. In the same way, there are still things that can be done outside in this light. For example, the surface of some objects is very smooth and reflective, similar to mirror, like stainless steel products, cars and so on. If there is a light in the studio, the requirement of the lamps and lanterns is very strict, and in the cloudy day to the outdoor shooting, sometimes can receive the unexpected effect. All in all, its cloudy outdoor soft light, as for the photographer provides a large light box, the photographer if can skillfully use, we will be able to create rich layers, good image and exquisite work.

Because the cloudy day thick clouds in the sky, when the sunshine through the clouds, a part of warm color light is absorbed by clouds, this leads to a photograph with color film often lead to partial color, for this problem can be solved through the use of filters, the specific use which, the photographer through practice need to continue to accumulate experience, according to the actual situation to choose our own filters in the cell phone use.

Use mobile photo to take photo on Cloudy day

Objects, because of the large cloudy when the moisture in the air of the reflected light in the crossing space to the lens in the process of light will have obvious changes, in this case, helps to paint the space and distance, and space and distance is the photographer shooting scene when deliberately pursue the effect.

In this case, the photographer usually chooses the foreground first. If there is no foreground, the sense of space and distance will be weakened, and the appeal of the whole picture will be lost. When the light is dark on cloudy days, if the photo can be taken away from the subject matter, it will create an artistic effect of virtual reality. When you take a picture on a cloudy day, you often find that the photos are sometimes fake, which is caused by two factors -- the phone is not focused or the photo is taken.

Focus is not true: when shooting a portrait, you can use your eyes as the focus, while the other parts can be ignored. The photos will be more layered and vivid.

Mobile phone jitter: it is easy to shake when taking photos with mobile phone. In this case, the phone can be supported and then photographed. If it is inconvenient to find a fulcrum, you should pay attention to the position of the machine, and try to hold the arm tightly to minimize the shaking of the phone. In addition, here is a very convenient and effective emergency method -- using "bean bag". The bean bag can be made by oneself, sew a cloth bag, inside fill a half bag of bean grain, do not pack too full, the size is put in the bag not too area son, take up flexibility convenient for appropriate. When taking a photo, place the bean bag in the right place and place the phone on top. It is very useful.

Scene: in fact, when taking photos at close range, the effect of the scenery on the image is so great that many photos are "virtual", which is actually the result of the perturbation. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the subject during the photo shoot so as to avoid the failure.

Cloudy day, when you take a photo for the photographer to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, first understand the characteristics of the cloudy day light, Rectangle Canvas then according to these characteristics, often can make some nice day it is hard to get special effects.

12th May 2018

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