What files are used for snapping

What files are used for snapping

What files are used for snapping

About the P files

There is a friend is a ten thousand year constant P (program automatic exposure), the reason is that now the digital camera is so developed, www.customcanvasonline.com.au the camera has done very well in the automatic light measurement exposure. Why do not use the camera such an advantage to beat, let he adjust the various parameters to take pictures? After adjusting the parameters of their own good parameters, after the adjustment of good parameters after their own adjustment many scenes have disappeared, and what photos do you take? In spite of the P file cannot make any creative pictures, I can study the picture composition more, so that the picture is more beautiful. At present, mobile photography is so developed, basically not all the P files, save the idea to study the composition.

About the M file

Another friend is that every time I go out to take photos with him, I use the M file (manual exposure). For the lazy people who don't go back to the light meter, I have no way of communicating with him. Every time I take a scene, I want to see that he is playing with the camera for half a day, and if the street is going out with him, there's absolutely no picture. But most real photographers take photos with M files. The advantage of manual exposure is that it can be photographed at random, and it is easier to master the exposure triangle in Photography - the aperture, the shutter and the sensitivity. And my friend said that from the beginning of the study photography, he used to use M gear, instead of other files, and he liked the feeling of his own fumbling. He did not fully believe in the parameters given by the camera. It was too much to rely on the equipment, the lack of self emotion and creativity, less fun. .

In my opinion, people who use M files are terrible. They need too much patience to ponder. I follow my own feeling, a good picture of the basic conditions should be taken first, a good picture is difficult to appear, in the M file to adjust the parameters well, and maybe the picture has disappeared. So first of all, you need to think of ways to ensure that you first take photos. As for manual exposure, M is more suitable for shooting short time scenes that are not easy to miss.

And shutter priority, little seven around has not found habitual has this pattern of people, more is in specific subject matter will use this mode.

What files are used for snapping

The choice of any shooting mode is to get the normal exposure of the picture, and in order to get the correct exposure, the correct combination of the shutter and the aperture is needed. When the shutter is fast, the aperture will be larger. When the shutter is slow, the aperture will be smaller. These are all under the condition that the sensitivity is fixed. For different subjects or different shooting environments, the camera gives a variety of shooting modes for people to choose, such as manual exposure (M), aperture priority (A), shutter priority (S), and automatic program exposure (P), although the reasons for choosing these patterns are simply said, but all This is a very personal view. If you really want to learn to take pictures, you still need to understand these patterns and see what is suitable for you at ordinary times. If you are as lazy as I am, use aperture priority (A file) or P file, and then briefly consider the application of exposure compensation.

In this article, the automatic exposure of the program does not explain too much, the most important function is that you fully trust the camera's light measurement system, and then take pictures, what kind of it you use, and can adjust the composition. This is easy to understand for the mobile camera party, but the camera can also adjust its exposure compensation. The other scene patterns can be understood through the literal meaning of the camera.

Why recommend a beginner to use a file instead of a P file

If people who learn photography first do not understand how to mix these parameters, then learn to shoot with files. At the beginning, you just have to understand what the aperture is like. What is the aperture? What is the proper parameter to use in various environments? First, with a less reliable but easier to understand, the aperture is the size of the light that is fed back to the sensor through the lens. A large aperture is suitable for shooting in a poor light environment, and is suitable for taking pictures with a background virtual effect, such as F2.8 and F1.4; a small aperture is suitable for taking pictures of the entire picture, such as F5.6, F8, and F11. With P files, it will always give you a picture that it thinks is the most clear, but cannot control the depth of field.

In the words that are easy to be slots, large canvas prints it is easier to use files to control the imaginary pictures of the photographing background, which is usually used in the portrait. If you want to photograph the background, you can use the big aperture and take a small aperture.

2nd Jun 2018

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