Choose a subject for your photo

Choose a subject for your photo

Choose a subject for your photo

With the popularity of mobile photography, almost everyone can shoot whatever they want. However, excessive freedom and endless choices tend to lead people to have no definite goals and lose the direction of creation. To break the ice, choose to take the same subject or scene and take the same photo again and again, which can create a series of works and greatly stimulate creativity. This article will introduce 6 ways to shoot a series of works, hoping to provide you with some ideas and help on the way to photography.

Pick a subject.

When deciding on a theme for a series, choose a place or thing that you can easily re-examine and take pictures of at any time. It can be a building, a person, or anything you like. Think about it. Are there places around you that are different, with good natural light or beautiful backgrounds? Make plans to go to the same place at different times, and you'll start to notice the benefits of filming in the same place, and you'll start to notice the small changes in the place. After all the traditional "good Angle" shots, try to find an Angle, high or low that you've never photographed before, and find a new way to see the space and the subject. You can even go back to the same place with different people.

Find something similar

If you can't find a unique location, you can try to find a lot of similarities. By shooting a series of related subjects, your work will show the similarities and differences between these places, which will also be an interesting perspective. It's like finding a theme that makes a lot of changes. The theme might be a series of similar locations, or a collection of props with common points.

Shoot with a clear conceptual theme

If you can't find a good spot, you can make yourself look at familiar subjects in new ways and shoot with fresh and simple new concepts. For example: how to think in a new way when photographing beautiful autumn leaves? By setting limits and allowing yourself to see trees and leaves from a fresh perspective, you can revitalize photography and inject creativity into your work.

Choose a subject for your photo

Shoot in different Settings

If your subject is movable, then take it to a different place, and in the new circumstances, looks like has become the eternal, and are changing all around. Maybe your subject is small enough that you can always keep it close to you, and when you're in a new place, you can take it out and see if you can find a good position and Angle to shoot. In some special places, different backgrounds can bring more changes to your series of photos, and it will stimulate you to explore more unexpected places.

Shoot in different seasons

Another way to create a series is to come back to the place many times during different seasons and times. The landscape varies from season to season, and even if your subject never changes, seasonal changes make your work more interesting. Your subject can be a tree, or a place, and just keep track of the way and the Angle you like.

Tell a story in a series

If your subject spans a lifetime, you can tell a story through a series of photos. For example, if the subject is a person, you can think about how many different ways you can film it, or how many different places you can film the person. For example, the stories of life and travel can be seen through these photos by recording the back images of different places during the trip.

No matter what you choose as the subject of your photo series, setting boundaries for yourself will encourage you to work hard under those limits and be more creative. The best series of photos is that you can continue shooting indefinitely while giving you enough time and opportunity to think about testing and improving your mobile photography skills!

16th Jul 2018

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