​How to make your portrait more outstanding

How to make your portrait more outstanding

As for portrait photography, everyone will have their own opinions, but there will always be rules that are conventional, such as being accurate and not using wide angle lenses, etc. however, the rules are used to break the rules. Sometimes, creative breaking rules will make your portrait more outstanding.

The popularity of HDR should be the time when digital photography became popular more than a decade ago, when HDR was used to do it with HDR. It is true that HDR is operational in landscape photography, and it can synthesize a broader dynamic range. However, there's a lot less to use in portrait photography, because most of the time we hope that the people we shoot will look softer, than than and not as hard as HDR. In fact, when photographing sports photography or other images with more impact, the appropriate use of HDR will bring you a fresh look.

How to make your portrait more outstanding

Whether its portrait photography or other subjects, we always seek the accuracy of exposure. No exposure is a failure, that's right. Especially when it comes to portrait photography, excessive exposure can cause loss of skin detail. Not to mention, the lack of exposure, if there is a lot of dead black is not even the details.

Nonetheless, occasionally appropriate overexposure or underexposure can also be a method of shooting, photographing portraits, and learning to adjust the exposure according to different emotions of models and subjects.

The eyes are the window of the soul, and we always say that when shooting a portrait, focus on the eyes and let the eyes speak. This shows that most portraits aim to capture their beauty by capturing their eyes. But this also caused the focus of many photo offset, sometimes cannot shoot model eyes, use a shadow or blocked by other props, to create another kind of mood, also can let the audience will be the focus of the image transferred to the overall picture. Let the mood of the model does not disturb the concept of the whole picture.

This method can be employed in fashion photography, and the emotion of models in fashion photography is often not the focus. The focus is on the product or concept to be expressed in this picture.

Use wide-angle lenses.

If you want to ask you the best shot of a portrait, no one will say a wide angle, and less than 50mm will be used, let alone a wide angle. Indeed, 50mm to 200mm is often the best focal length for a portrait, which can provide a smaller facial distortion and create a better sense of space. More than 50mm are used by photographers for street photography and so on.

Nevertheless, wide-angle mirrors often give viewers a comic sense of fun and drama, and if you want to make an alternative portrait, use a wide-angle lens.

Let the models wear bright clothes.

Although this does not constitute a rule, most of the time people tend to have a stable color matching when shooting, to achieve harmony and unity on the screen. Nonetheless, it is also possible to wear bright and eye-catching clothes, and this method can be used to enhance the presence of the characters.

How to make your portrait more outstanding 1

Avoid cluttered backgrounds.

Works on any subject matter, usually, we will try to avoid a cluttered background, too cluttered background can disrupt the integrity of the image and makes the viewer's line of sight deviation, will not be able to highlight the main body of the point. Especially portrait photography, the way to deal with is often simple and rough, use the large aperture to the outside of the main body of the virtual.

Nonetheless, for portrait photography, it's not just the models themselves, the appropriate background, and the appropriate props that can make the picture more story-telling. The background is for the entire service, choose the appropriate background, can more highlight the subject's emotion.

Try various light sources.

Despite the fact that lighting is not necessary, it is impossible for most non-professional photographers to hit the light. But the effect of natural light is often can provide effective, if you want to make photos look better, you can try to use a variety of other light sources to aid, for example, on the streets of neon lights, candle lights, street lights, and even cell phones emit light.

3rd Feb 2018

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