Choose focus when taking a photo

Choose focus when taking a photo

1. Plant shoot: Choose flowers as the focus.

Flowers are undoubtedly the most attractive and beautiful part of the plant bead, canvas prints so it is not difficult to understand that flowers are the most common focus choice in plant photography. But when facing a cluster of flowers, which cluster should we choose as the focus?

First we consider the most distinctive flower, such as the most beautiful, or one that is different in color from the others: then, by observing, we can choose a flower that is slightly taller than the others, or one that is closer to the lens. Through these methods, we can highlight the flower and make it the center of interest of the picture. 2. Shoot flowers up close: The focus should be on the stamens.

2.Close-up shot of flowers, the focus should be clearly on the flower core.

In the close-up of the magnified flower, cheap photo canvas the original bright-colored petals are in most cases a foil, while the delicate core of the flower is an attractive feature in an extremely regular arrangement.

It should be noted that in the pictures taken with macro, except that the focal point is clear, there will be different degrees of blur in other places. Even after focusing, a slight movement of the flower or camera can cause a loss of focus without any clarity in the picture. Therefore, it is very important to coordinate the tripod with the windless environment.

3. For close-ups: The eye is the key focus.

A close-up of a person, usually a bust of the face. This kind of photograph needs to achieve the purpose of portraying the character's characteristics and even the heart through expression and expression. Eyes are the first choice of focal point for a close-up of a person.

When the person is facing the camera, both eyes are on the same plane, so it is ok to focus on either eye: However, this kind of framing is too flat and ordinary, so most photographers will take half side of the person for framing. At this time, floating frames australia the person's eyes will be in the front and the back position. At this time, it is necessary to focus on the eyes close to the camera for focusing shooting. Because its position is obviously more important than the back eye. 4. When shooting full-length portraits: the important focus of the head.

4. When shooting portraits of the whole body and the environment, we cannot focus accurately on the human eyes, so the key to quickly and conveniently choose the focus is to focus on the head of the person. Whether to express a person's movements or gestures, the character's facial features are key in the picture. Every movement is controlled by the head, so the head becomes the center of the whole body. When shooting, we can focus on the face or head of the character in advance, and then quickly recompose and shoot the character when the whole body posture reaches the ideal state.

5. Take pictures of people and surroundings: It's best to focus on the people.

This category includes simple travel mementos to documentary photography and commercial photography. Photographs of people and their surroundings are the most vivid and difficult to take. However, no matter the person is the subject or the background of the picture elements, most of these photos are taken with the person as the focus, because compared with those motionless [or slow] landscapes, people are the most active and emotional. Of course, when shooting with people as the focus, the depth of field should also be paid attention to control the virtual and real changes of the environment. If it is simply necessary to be clear of both people and scenery, a large depth of field can be obtained with a small aperture.

6. When shooting in front of a group of people, we are often distracted by the constantly changing crowd, don't know where to focus, and miss a lot of wonderful group photos. In fact, the simplest way is to find a key person as the focus, and follow the focus. At the same time, keep paying attention to the dynamics of other characters with the peripheral light of eyes, and press the shutter when the position relationship between other characters and key characters is harmonious and unified.

7. When photographing parts of a mountain, focus on eye-catching trees or rocks.

When a telephoto lens is used to photograph a part of a mountain, it is usually because of a feature that attracts us: a golden birch on a grassy slope in autumn, for example, or a rock protrudes. Choosing these distinct features as the focus not only helps us to focus quickly, but also helps us to think about composition. It should be noted that if the part we shot is located on the shadow side of the mountain, the contrast of scenery is weak, which will often cause the camera auto-focus error. At this time, we should choose the place with high contrast to help the camera complete the focus. 8. When shooting a panoramic view of a mountain range: focus on the highest peak.

When we take a panoramic shot of a majestic mountain range, it is best to focus on its highest peak, such as its main peak. Since it is the farthest point from the camera, it requires the camera to focus at infinity, also known as infinity. The photos taken with this focus selection provide the clearest picture of the main peak and the rest of the range, revealing their majesty. Without a clear focus choice, the camera often mistakenly focuses on a branch or something in the foreground, resulting in a blur of mountains. 9. When shooting wide grasslands; Choose houses, cattle, trees, or the bend in a river as focal points.

Photographing grasslands is perhaps the simplest and most complicated thing. A simple autofocus shot, in which everything seems to be perfectly clear in a small photograph, is one of the most numbing things you can do when you zoom in and notice that the key points are blurred.

Choose focus when taking a photo

So it's important to get in the habit of clearly choosing the focus when you're shooting. The endless prairie, a solitary tree or a herd of cattle, etc. are good focal points and are also key points of the picture. A clear depiction of them is far more important than an infinite meadow. And the focal point, like a meandering river on a prairie, should be the most varied, or the nearest bend. 10. When photographing buildings: You can choose a door or window as the focal point.

As photography enthusiasts, there are few opportunities to use a landline to take distortion less, full-focus shots of buildings like professional architectural photographers. Therefore, when photographing buildings, the focus selection should be exceptionally precise. Generally speaking, when shooting the facade of the building, the focus should be on the front door, so that the multi-plane facade can be fully within the clear range of the picture. Sometimes, of course, the front door will be in shadow, so it is not easy to focus. In this case, you can also choose the window near the light. If the front of the building is completely in shadow, large photo you can also choose the edge of the house at the top as the focus.

1st Jul 2020

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