​Make balance in landscape photography

​Make balance in landscape photography

Make balance in landscape photography

In the construction of the scene, canvas prints we need to consider the interrelation between different elements in the picture, they are not all single pure, but to achieve the purpose of conveying the content through these elements. That is to say, to achieve a balance between the elements of the unified picture.

Balance can exist in harmony and make the elements in the picture present an aesthetic pleasure. For example, symmetry is a good example. An absolutely symmetrical picture is absolutely balanced and harmonious visually. However, photos on canvas not all elements can coexist in a harmonious posture. It is precisely because of this disharmony that the picture has an outward tension.

Considering the balance at the same time, often there will be a number of different factors play a role in the picture, just like every one of the photos always inevitably involves the color, theme, color, light and shade, contrast, these factors may exist alone, may also exist together, which, with the last photo effect has a lot to do.

First of all, color, for color photography, the importance of color is self-evident, different colors can wake up our different emotions, through specific colors, can also attract our attention to the content of the picture, and tell the story in different ways. As in this photo, we can see green jungle as picture, the background of the golden crown accounted for only a small part of the picture, is to balance the weight of the frame, so that the viewer can distinguish one picture in the main body of the photographer want to express, if golden section enlargement, and green, take pictures of the same size, so the photo for the expression of main body is no longer so clear.

Light and shadow are essential elements in photography, but they are the opposite of fire and water. The contrast of light and shadow and the difference in the proportion of hue also make the picture more dynamic and interesting. The use of light and shadow can also create the balance of the picture. In the picture below, if there is only light and there is no shadow of a branch in the background, then there is no interesting effect of light and shadow presented to us at the same time.

Make balance in landscape photography

When it comes to balance, we cannot mention visual weight. Although it sounds contradictory, visual weight is more about using a small element in the picture to balance the whole image, or using a contrary complementary color in a large area of the same color to balance the whole picture. As shown in the picture below, it is the distribution of several small white flowers in the picture that effectively balances the weight of the picture.

When we are shooting still life or portrait, the background will often become our interference, making the picture weightless. In this case, we need to use shallow depth of field or negative space to eliminate the interference of messy background to the picture, making the subject more prominent and become the focus element to express strong.

Of course, the most basic symmetry is necessary. In dealing with the picture on the balance of symmetry is arguably one of the simplest and most useful tools, but the theme box to death in the picture is also a kind of risk, while the mirror imaging is very beautiful, but the dull and static symmetry may also, as a result, when we are in a symmetrical image at the same time, should also find some special elements in the frame, pictures on aluminum plate make the picture look more vivid. Just like the picture below, the complementary colors of gold and blue make the picture contain color balance, not just pure mirror symmetry.

8th Jan 2019

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