Take pictures for baby

Take pictures for baby

Take pictures for baby

First, the selection of cameras

The premise of photography is that there is a camera, and the premise of photography, canvas prints au online should be a good camera. Cameras suitable for infant photography should meet the following requirements:

1, the speed should be "fast". Don't think that a couple of months' babies will fit you, their expressions and movements are constantly changing, and you often need "snapshots", so you have to require the camera to focus quickly, and the time is low and the processor is high. In short, you push the button to the image very quickly, otherwise you will miss the "decisive moment".

2. The maximum aperture is large enough. Large aperture can produce beautiful shallow depth effect; large aperture can increase exposure and speed up exposure. The large aperture photography mode is very practical in portrait photography, especially in infant photography, so it can buy a camera with a maximum aperture value of F2.8 and below.

3, the pixel is high. Parents can't wait to see big picture posters and hang them at home. If the pixel of the camera is not high enough, it will become the bottleneck of photo post-processing. The best way to buy a camera is to have ten million pixel imaging technology.

Whether it's a small card or a big SLR, the right one is the best. The small card is economical and portable, and the image quality of the SLR camera is high, and the lens can be changed as needed.

Second, the layout of the scene

The baby's family has a lot of messy things. If you take them with your baby, you can not only reduce the beauty of the picture, but also distract the viewer. Before shooting, parents should simply clean up the room, or use a pure colored blanket to cover the distracted background objects so as to keep the picture simple. In addition, you can vividly give the baby one or two "props", such as toys, fruits and other colorful items, add interest to the picture. Of course, conditional family can buy professional photography background, the effect is quite good.

Third, the use of light

It is not necessary to use flashing lights directly on infants' faces, which will cause irreparable damage to their immature corneas. We should choose a more adequate room for photography in the family, preferably in natural light. If the lighting condition is limited, you can take photos in the cloudy and cloudy days. The reflector can be used to fill up the darker side of the baby's face to make the photos more vivid and three-dimensional.

Take pictures for baby

Fourth, atmosphere adjustment

Family is the most familiar with infants, and babies often show the most real and lovely face in front of their families. Taking pictures of baby can choose the time when the baby is in a better mood, making him feel "playing" instead of doing other things. My father is a photographer, and my mother is an assistant. When I shoot a joke, I can often see a good result. Grandparents and so on can also join in, but avoid many people and distract the baby's attention. Besides, you should not take too long to take pictures. You know that babies are not very patient.

Fifth, the fastidious view

There's so much to say, and the photo begins. Parents raise their cameras and see the baby at the moment from the viewfinder or the LCD screen. They have to think about the composition of the whole picture, have a good composition, and the whole picture can come out. Usually, the composition of infant photography is as follows:

1, baby face features mainly "big head photo". The baby's head and shoulders are the main components of the picture, highlighting the baby's appearance, expression and so on, focusing on the eye.

2, the baby occupies the side or corner of the picture. The rest is a simple background, showing a scene or atmosphere, focusing on the face or whole body.

3, the triangle composition of family and baby. One big, one small, or two large and small triangles make up the effect of stable picture, reduce the aperture and avoid the blur of the leading role.

The baby should be the center of attention when taking the scene. The filmmaker can try a higher or lower position, change the angle of the shooting, and be more reliable to take a closer view to highlight the main body, or to take back the scene to shoot more background. In short, the photographer should not be rigid, but constantly changing his location to find the best shooting angle.

Sixth, later production

Photoshop and other software can be used for post production of photos. Even if the photo is too dark, red eye or baby face has a big red envelope, we can modify it on the computer. Specific operations can be seen in every major website tutorial.

Despite the help of later software, some situations cannot be adjusted later if they are not photographed.

1. Overexposure. There is no detail in the location of "overexposure". No matter how late adjustment is, it is impossible to produce a picture. Therefore, avoid excessive exposure to light and shade when taking photos.

2. The picture is blurred. Large aperture photography is the easiest way to run away from focus. The blurred place is very clear. The effect of late sharpening is always less than the clear effect of shooting, glass photo prints so the focus should be on the beginning.

31st May 2018

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