Take pictures of your baby at home

Take pictures of your baby at home

Take pictures of your baby at home

Shoot from a squatting Angle

Children's photography is different from the general character photography, photo on canvas the main problem is highly, because the child is far less than the height of adults, so want to record the true feelings, best method is crouched low, with the level of children perspective, cheap canvas prints in the picture is very easy to convey the children's world view.

When you have a Baby, you will take a direct picture with your cell phone and camera. Every parent becomes the best paparazzi. However, no matter what age children, some can be easily manipulated, but most turnips are uncontrolled, you ask him to smile at your camera, he will run after you this kind of unpredictability. In fact, grasp the composition of the perspective, attention to shutter speed, sensitivity of the deployment of the mode of focus, plus more observation of the ability to do a good job of the home baby oh!

Always pay attention to the safe shutter value

Indoor pictures because of insufficient light, it is often difficult to reach safe shutter speed < safety shutter is usually refers to the shooting, the reciprocal of focal length, used as a handheld photography not rock the basic critical value), if the motion of the children, in order to shoot to clear photos, suggest at least maintain at about 1/100 of a second. Therefore, the new parents can choose the shutter priority and adopt the automatic ISO, in order to take a clear picture mainly, or turn on the light to make the surrounding environment reach the safe shutter brightness.

Take pictures of your baby at home

Moderate indoor high sensitivity

Use flash lamp to avoid hurting baby's eyes, and then adjust high sensitivity! Indoor environment light source is weak, when taking a picture, it is recommended to turn on all indoor lights, and try to use large light to set the focal lens. In addition, the most important thing is to pull up the ISO, D7000 benefit from EXPEED 2 imaging engine and technology, can under the IS0 2000 setting, still have good image quality, and high sensitivity can not only avoid hand shaking, can also condenses the kid's expressions and actions, make every moment of the most moving.

Make good use of continuous shooting mode to master excellent pictures

When photographing children, it is common to find that the shutter cannot keep up with the speed of children's movement, and in addition to shooting fast; it needs to shoot accurately to ensure that the picture is clear and not burnt. It is suggested that the driving mode can be set as continuous shooting, followed by AF-C continuous focusing mode and 39 - point focusing area or 3D focusing mode. When shooting, you can set the composition range in advance, press the shutter to follow the children's moving path and take pictures together, and then you can easily take wonderful pictures of the children in action.

Interesting body and facial expressions

Children after age 2, canvas art prints once have the freedom to walk, run, they curious personality is evident in the outdoor, parents often have to running behind them, but also can record the children curiosity in all things at the picture, many things in nature can give children big eyes to watch everywhere, and they can often be captured by rich expression changes, such as: the surprised face, love eyes of love items, etc., is a very interesting picture.

9th Jun 2018

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