​The expression skills of wedding photo

The expression skills of wedding photo

Wedding photos recording the new couple happiness moment, everyone wants to take a beautiful picture, print on canvas but when the real shooting, new people are nervous and unnatural, lead to finally take effect is very general. In fact, I want to make a beautiful wedding photo. Besides the photographer's technology, my own performance is also very important. Your mood when taking photos determines the emotion expressed in your photos. You are happy, the smile in the picture is also happy; you’re sad. It's sad in the photo. You think, the picture is really thinking. For a person who is not good at acting, disguise is the next step. Finally, the pictures you like are always the ones that show your true feelings. Record the truth, which is the essence of photography. The reason why new people have a stiff expression when they are taking wedding pictures is because they can't relax in a strange environment. As long as you communicate, canvas printing relax and blend in, it's easy to be natural. So let's share some tips on the expression of wedding photography.

1.Know what you want to achieve. It is a process that requires a lot of cooperation from taking photos to the final pictures. In the eyes of ordinary people, each photo is just a photo, but in the wedding photo, the picture is a small story, each photo is a series of actions in miniature. Only fully understand the photographer for this scene, can perfect grasp the protagonist in this photo should some expression and feeling, whether it is a happy woman or naughty girl or high cold queen. When you really get into the role, your expression will be 100 percent natural, smooth, and even more than you can imagine.

The expression skills of wedding photo

2.Combining individual conditions. Why do you always smile? If only a photograph is a smile, it looks very beautiful is very friendly, but if all smile, take a smile a day, more than one hundred photos are smiling, whether there is a pants? The girl can be naughty, do some small movements, so angry expression, and cover the man's eyes and so on. Some people don't laugh very much, why not break the tie of smile, then why not high cold to the end, clap to belong to your high cold wedding picture? Who says you need a standard posture and a standard look? Also, if you want to reduce the difficulty of making the feeling of happiness, it is best that a few days happy, don't put the anxiety to the photos in the work, so as to improve the happiness index, plus for expression.

3. Other tips. For example, when the tongue is on the back of the front teeth of the upper jaw, photo collage prints the mouth and the lower part of the face can be seen well. Tilt your head slightly up and your nose looks smaller. These tips are much more, you can refer to the standard of the model industry, but after all, you are not a model, you don't have to be the most perfect.

13th Apr 2018

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