To achieve balance in photography

To achieve balance in photography

Balance means that people form a psychological requirement and sense of form in their long-term life. Whether the picture is balanced or not in photography not only affects the overall structure of the picture, but also is closely related to the audience's appreciation psychology. Therefore, cheap canvas prints online the overall balance of the picture in photography is very important. I refer to some photography works, analyze my own experience in landscape shooting and classroom teaching experience, and sort out some understanding and skills of balance in photography. I hope this summary will be useful to you. Picture balance is a potential relational art in our photography creation. Flexible application and practice, as well as finding out the law of picture layout and expression techniques, play an important role in improving the success of our photography creation.

First, the role of picture balance

To study equilibrium, we first need to understand what it does. We can emphasize the expression of balance on the picture from several aspects:

1. Solemn and solemn. The picture is balanced and stable, print canvas online and symmetrical balance is intentionally adopted to show a solemn relation from the symmetrical balance.

2, the picture is vivid and lively, and the changing balance makes the picture sparse and dense, empty and solid, and shows the aesthetic beauty of the picture from the overall balance.

3. Deliberately violate the law of equilibrium, making the picture appear deliberate arrangement in the imbalance. Use uneven forms to express the theme.

Picture balance is a potential relational art in our photography creation. Flexible application and practice, as well as finding out the law of picture layout and expression techniques, acrylic mounting online play an important role in improving the success of our photography creation.

Second, the correct understanding of picture balance

2.1 Equilibrium is not equilibrium

The picture is too smooth will be a little childish, so the above work in particular in the selection of framing range need to be considered. The following drawing does not use the method of tranquility, but achieves the balance with the overall picture.

The scenery before us is so perfect that we often want everything to be reflected in the picture. In such a moment, we need to calm down and consider the damage to the photographic picture. There are many kinds of damage: light, tone, tone, modeling, picture composition, setting off atmosphere, expressing emotion, etc. Therefore, we have to consider the difference between creation and recording. At the same time, we make it clear that the choice of light composition, shooting Angle and framing range in the photographic picture can affect the overall balance of the picture and the photographer's creative intention, so we should think more about reducing the composition that is too smooth.

2.2 Equilibrium is not equal to average

Balance is one of the basic laws of photographic composition, and it is the factor that produces a sense of stability. In photographic composition, balance is not equal to average, and absolute symmetry is taboo, which will make the picture dull and only produce a mechanical and unnatural feeling. However, if one side is heavy while the other is light in the picture, it will also feel uncomfortable and the composition will lose its balance.

The above image is cropped along the axis of the center of the picture, maintaining an absolute equilibrium. In the post-processing of the picture, the intended photographer made a taboo work in the form of composition. The area below the mountain in the distance formed an equivalent area relation with the sky, which made the picture not particularly comfortable and showed the organization ability of composition, which would affect the interestingness of the picture. At the same time, the echo relationship between the sky and the ground will be buried in the heavy vision of the ground.

2.3 The equilibrium is only left or right and still up or down

At the moment of picture composition, we tend to pay more attention to the balance between the upper and the lower organizational structure of the picture, but the balance of the picture cannot be ignored. The requirements of photographic works are not limited to one point, but the whole picture.

The above works basically reflect the beautiful world in a balanced way of composition, giving people a sense of tranquility and stability, but without the rigid and lifeless absolute symmetry. The whole structure and visual readability of the picture will be greatly enhanced if the area below the picture is enlarged a little bit. The figure below is just right for the balance between the top, bottom and left.

2.4 Equilibrium is not absolutely symmetric

Speaking of the balance of the picture, it is different from the symmetry, because the picture of this form of composition is not the one to one correspondence of the shape, number, size and arrangement of the scene on the left and right sides, but different arrangements of the same or similar shape, number and size, which gives people visual stability. Absolute symmetry sometimes gives people a monotonous and static feeling. Therefore, photographers in many places of the picture should consciously break this static feeling when composing, seek for the attraction of the picture and seek for the dynamic balance of the picture in the change. The size of the subject, the density, the contrast between the real and the unreal and the light and the dark are beautiful.

On the right, the distant light spot forms a focal point, giving people strength and upward hope. At the same time, my eyes follow all the lines of the picture, flying to the distance over and over again. Although there are storms at the edge of the haze, I can still see hope. What attracts me most is probably the dynamic balance of the picture. In many places of the picture, photographers should consciously break the sense of stillness when composing, seek for the attraction of the picture and seek for the dynamic balance of the picture in the process of change.

On the right, if you carefully consider the light and shade relationship, the quality will be higher. The image below intentionally USES irregularity to break the stiff balance.

Third, the rational use of screen balance

3.1 Picture balance to learn to choose

When it comes to the balance of the work of the screen, we must first learn to choose, which should be found from the artistic effect, to the appropriate location, how much appropriate. At the same time, small objects can be balanced with large objects, distant objects can be balanced with near objects, moving objects can be balanced with static objects, and low objects can also be balanced with high objects. The effect is related to the author's aesthetic ability and artistic quality. To practice and learn more, one must master this form of composition and make good use of this artistic skill.

To achieve balance in photography

How to achieve balance in photography

Although there are many still objects in the left picture, it is better in terms of balance. The instantaneous exposure of the work may be more perfect with more efforts. However, too many elements in the picture are easy to cause clutter, and the picture of simple elements is more durable, as shown in the figure below.

3.2 Use equilibrium to break the rigid situation

In the composition of photography, excessive balance will give people a static, restrained and monotonous feeling, while people's aesthetic requirements in life are still the pursuit of balance. Excessive use of balance symmetry can make a person feel inflexible, lack of vigor.

And equilibrium is to break the more rigid situation. It has both "uniform" side and flexible side. The balance of structure means that the scenes in each part of the picture should have echoes, contrast, to achieve balance and stability.

The subject of the left picture is too centered, and the picture is a little dull. The way to solve this problem is to reconsider the proportion of heaven and earth. The heaven and earth part of the picture is definitely more wonderful, which makes the wonderful part as the visual focus of the picture more vivid.

3.3 Use balance to create artistic conception

Artistic conception has always played an important role in natural landscape photography. Works to achieve artistic conception, the author must go into life, familiar with life, learn to observe, such works must let us seriously taste. It is really rare that the left image can observe, notice, imagine and shoot such works in a familiar environment.

Filmed in observation and at the same time, we should consider more photography the composition of the relationship, let this work more imagination, more artistic conception of art, some more images of plasticity, meet the needs of visually pleasing to the eye, floating frame canvas keep the coordination between the image and the change in pure, seeking pleasure to change, in the beautiful and gentle.

2nd Jul 2020

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